Rose Getting Set For Unofficials

Tampa, Fla. offensive lineman Daron Rose is set to take some unofficial visits. We spoke with the 6-5, 310-pound Rose to find out if he still plans to visit South Bend this summer. Will Rose be visiting Notre Dame?

Jefferson high school star Daron Rose says he knows which schools he's visiting on his pending tour of college campuses, but he's not quite sure on when he'll visit each school.

"I'm going next week I'm pretty sure," said Rose on when he planned to visit some schools. "I'm going to visit Duke, South Carolina, Maryland and Notre Dame. I don't know which day I'm going to visit each school yet. We're trying to finalize that now."

Rose has told us many times that his dad is a big Irish fan, and we asked Rose if his dad was excited to make his first trip to South Bend.

"Yeah, he's excited," he said. "I'm excited too because I've grown up a big Notre Dame fan. I think we're both excited about it."

Rose says he's excited to meet some of the Irish coaches on his visit.

"The only coach I've had any contact with so far is coach Lewis, my recruiting coach," he said. "I want to meet the rest of the coaches and see the campus."

The Tampa, Fla. native says he's hoping to use this tour of schools to narrow down his list.

"I'm hoping I can narrow it down to about eight when I get back," he said. "I'll still take some official visits because I haven't been able to get to some of the schools that I've been interested in yet. I should have it down to eight after this trip."

Right now his list stands at 11 according to Rose.

"Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Duke, Oklahoma, Florida State, Alabama, South Florida, Maryland and South Carolina are the schools I'm considering," said Rose when asked which schools he still had interest in.

Comments: We'll know a lot more about Rose's true interest after his visit to South Bend. He did seem pretty excited to see Notre Dame--that appears to be a good sign. Top Stories