Allen Still Interested in Irish?

Tucker, Ga. athlete Asher Allen is one of the top prospects in the state of Georgia this year. Allen has received offers from schools across the country, but he's said previously that he planned to stay South when making his final decision. Is Allen still interested in Notre Dame

Corner prospect Asher Allen says he's starting to narrow down his list of his top schools.

"I'm pretty much interested in the schools that are up on my profile," said Allen when asked if he's narrowed down his list.

Those schools listed are Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Notre Dame and Tennessee.

Allen had recently told Irish Eyes the chances of him attending Notre Dame was remote, but he recently added Notre Dame back on his list.

"I really like coach Lewis and coach Weis," he said of the change of heart. "I have the utmost respect for both of them. I really believe coach Weis is going to turn it around up there, and I also really think that coach Lewis would be a great coach to play for.

"I really admire coach Lewis a lot, but I still think Notre Dame will be too far. I'd like for my family to be able to watch me play. I'm mostly looking at schools in the SEC and the ACC right now."

Allen says he's already chosen three schools for official visits.

"I know I'm going to visit Florida, LSU and Georgia for sure," he said. "I'm trying to decide on the other two."

Do the Irish have a shot at one of his final two visits?

"I don't know," he said. "They wanted me to come up there this summer. I really wanted to come up there to visit to see Notre Dame, but I just didn't get up there. I don't know if I'll take a visit there or not. "

Comments: It appears the Irish are hanging on with Allen, but the chances of him attending Notre Dame are slim right now. If the Irish can get him to visit, they just might have a shot, but I wouldn't bet on Allen visiting at this time. Top Stories