Wenger Receives Irish Offer

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. offensive center prospect Daniel Wenger has been on Notre Dame's radar since the beginning. Wenger recently received a phone call he was hoping for, and now the Irish have offered the 6-4, 285-pound Wenger. What did Wenger think of his offer from Notre Dame?

Offensive lineman Daniel Wenger says he received a surprise late last week.

"I got a call from my coach and he told me I needed to call coach Weis right away," said Wenger on how he found out he was offered by Notre Dame. "I called up coach Weis and talked to him for awhile and he offered me a scholarship.

"He said he'd send out the official offer on Friday of last week. I've been gone all week and just back today, and I have a big stack of letters, so I'm sure it's in there."

Wenger has made it no secret that he was hoping for an Irish offer. Now that he has one, what are his thoughts on his Irish offer?

"I'm pretty excited about it," he said. "It's a great school and I like coach Weis.

"I talked to him for awhile," Wenger said of Weis. "He's very down-to-earth. He's kind of a simple man. He knows what he wants and he'll get it done."

The Irish did wait to offer Wenger and we asked Wenger if the wait hurt their chances of signing the star center prospect?

"It did kind of leave a bitter taste in my mouth," he said of the wait. "I talked to coach Latina early and he said center was going to be a priority.

"I waited through spring and they never came down and I never got a call. But, I talked to coach Weis and we talked about how he recruits. I understand better what they were trying to do. I'm going to see how hard they recruit me during the season."

Right now Wenger has plenty of options to attend school.

"If the Notre Dame offer came that would make it 20," Wenger said when asked how many schools have offered. "Florida, Duke, Rutgers, Louisville, Purdue, Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, U. Conn, Pitt, Northwestern....those are some of them off the top of my head."

Wenger also said he has a plan for the rest of his recruiting.

"My parents and I are going to sit down this weekend and narrow my list down," he said. "I hope to have it down to seven or eight after that.

"I plan to take some visits during the season. If I find the right place, I'll just commit, but I do plan to take some visits during my season and we'll see where we are from there."

Comments: To the best of my knowledge, Wenger is the only center ND has offered at this point so he's obviously their top target at center. He's always said he was hoping for an Irish offer, and now that he has one, the Irish should be in the race for his signature until he decides.

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