Forbath Enjoys Irish Visit

Sherman Oaks, Calif. kicker Kai Forbath has hopes of making an early decision before his season. However, a recent visit to South Bend has made his college decision a little more difficult. We caught up with Forbath on Thursday to find out his thoughts on his recent Irish visit.

Kicker Kai Forbath said he was suprised by his recent visit to Notre Dame.

"It was better than I expected," said Forbath of his Irish visit. "It was great. I was very impressed with Notre Dame."

Forbath thought he'd be able to make his decision shortly after his visit to South Bend.

"I thought that I'd be able to make my decision, but now I'm more confused than ever," admitted Forbath. "I don't know when I'll decide. I think I might go to UCLA one more time and meet with the coaches there."

Forbath said he had one concern about Notre Dame before visiting South Bend.

"The only thing UCLA had on Notre Dame was the atmopshere," Forbath explained. "I know what the weather is like and L.A. is like. UCLA is just 10 minutes from my home so I know I could go there.

"I didn't know if I could live in a small town, but I went there and it was nice. I liked it there and I liked everything about Notre Dame."

Forbath said he visited Notre Dame with his father.

"My dad went with me and he was very impressed like me. He liked it there a lot," he said. "My family say they want me to go wherever I want to go. They are fine with me leaving if that's what I want to do."

We asked Forbath where the visit put the Irish at this point.

"It was pretty exciting," he said. "They're pretty high up there right now. That could change once I check out UCLA."

"Not yet," was his answer when asked if he's scheduled a time to meet with the UCLA coaches.

Comments: Forbath seemed very confused at this point. The Notre Dame coaches definitely impressed Forbath as many expected Forbath to commit to UCLA by now. UCLA could just as easily jump back in front after he visits there again, but Forbath definitely seemed to be strongly considering attending Notre Dame at this point. We'll check back with Kai soon to find out when he might decide. Top Stories