Frazer Back From Elite 11

Irish quarterback commitment Zach Frazer felt honored to be nominated for the Elite 11 camp. The 6-4, 210-pound Mechanicsburg, Pa. native recently returned from sunny California and the Elite 11 camp. We spoke with Frazer on Monday to find out what he thought of his trip to California.

"I had a great time there," said Frazer of the Elite 11 camp. "It's one of the best camps I've ever been to. Coach Johnson is a wonderful guy. He knows so much about the game. All the counselors were fantastic, and they really made you feel comfortable around them."

We asked Frazer what he liked most about the camp.

"It was the perfect combination of learning off the field, and learning while practicing," he explained. "We had a lot of chalk talks, and then we went out and did drills and they really helped you. There was a lot more teaching than any combine you'd go to.

"They really instructed you well. They'd point out what you were doing wrong, but they also complimented you on what you did well. It was just a lot of fun. I felt I really learned a lot out there."

So what did Frazer learn?

"You learn what it's like to be an athlete at the next level—a quarterback," he said. "There's a lot of things you have to know that you don't necessarily need to know in high school. The chalk talks really went into detail on breaking down coverages. I learned a lot about coverages. They break it down so well and explain every little detail and what if. It really opens your eyes as to how much you'll really need to know at the next level. All the counselors could rip right through all the coverages, so you know that is what you'll need to know in college."

The senior-to-be also said he also enjoyed just hanging out with the guys while in California.

"I met a lot of great guys out there," he said. "I got along real well with everyone. It was nice because they did give us time to just hang out and have some fun. We got to go to the mall together. We played some beach volleyball against a high school team and we got killed. We didn't win a single game.

"It was just a great experience. I really enjoyed meeting everyone out there. We all got each other's numbers. It's going to be fun watching them all develop."

So who was the best quarterback at the event?

"It's really hard to say," he said. "There was so much talent out there. Every one of those guys was very good. I think they'd have a really hard time trying to rank us. It was really that close. Everyone had a good day and everyone had a bad day. Or they might have a good chalk talk and not throw well, but everyone out there was really talented and showed why they were picked. I really couldn't say who was the best." Top Stories