Jones Still Not Ready

Chicago, Ill. native Demetrius Jones says he's still undecided on where he'll ultimately play his college football. Jones has said he plans to take an unofficial visit to Notre Dame before making his final decision. When will Jones be visiting South Bend?

Quarterback Demetrius Jones says he still hasn't finalized his plans to visit Notre Dame yet.

"I've been gone," said Jones when asked what he's been up to lately. "I was in Kansas City. I have an uncle that lives there. I went down to see Kansas while I was there. Kansas was the first school to offer me so I went down there and checked out the school. It's a nice school down there."

Jones has said he plans to visit South Bend with his mother one more time before making his final decision.

"I haven't finalized that yet, but I think I'm going down there next Saturday," he said. "My mom is on vacation right now and she won't be back from Jamaica until this Saturday. Her plane lands at 6 AM and I don't really want to make her get in a car and drive to South Bend right afterwards, so I think we'll go down there the next Saturday."

Notre Dame might not be his only unofficial visit he'll take before his season starts and he decides.

"I think I might head down to Purdue as well, but those would be the only two I'd take," said Jones.

We also asked Jones if he still planned to make his final decision before his season as he has planned.

"To be honest, I really don't know. I'll have to see how I feel," he said.

Comments: Demetrius seems pretty wide open at this point. He doesn't seem close to making a decision, but that could change once he visits Notre Dame or even Purdue. We wouldn't be surprised if ND tried to get him up sooner than next Saturday, and Irish Eyes will be monitoring the situation. Top Stories