Irish Eyes Video: Maurice Crum

Linebacker Maurice Crum knows hot and he says the South Bend weather isn't it. The Florida native is working with the first unit so far during fall camp, and the sophomore had a hard time holding back his excitement about this season. Why is Crum smiling these days? Find out in this Irish Eyes Video.

Linbacker Maurice Crum talks about fall camp and having a leg up on the competition in this Irish Eyes Video.

Also, we've attached a transcript for those that cannot watch the video.

Maurice Crum on having an opportunity to start.

"I was looking to come here. Playing time wasn't a big thing, but the opportunity presented itself. When an opportunity presents, you have to take it. I've got seniors around me taking me under (their wing). Everything is great right now."

On the heat and if being from Florida is an advantage for him.

"I think so. Guys will be saying ‘it's hot.' I'm like ‘I don't know hot.'"

Crum has been running first team. I asked if he ever had restless nights about losing his starting position after a bad day of practice.

"Yeah, you constantly think about that. You have a chance to start. When you have chance to start you don't want to let anything mess it up. You try to study and make sure you have everything down to a T."

On if having former football star for a dad gives him an advantage because they can talk about things that his dad has been through.

"Yeah, Abdel Banda is like, "most kids growing up are read a bedtime story. Your dad taught you the 4-3 (defense)." At times I know a lot of stuff because I've been playing linebacker for so long, and having a linebacker as a father. He teaches me stuff and tells me stuff constantly."

On if there are ever times where he doesn't want to talk football with his dad.

"I love football. I just love the game of football. I love everything about it."

On playing Apache.

"I was very excited. I was like, ‘Apache, that's where I see myself.'"

On if it's hard to adjust to the position.

"Early in the spring, just because I wasn't used to being on top of receivers and being physical with tight ends. Once I got used to it, it was a breeze."

On playing physical against the bigger tight ends and if they try to take advantage of the size differential.

"They try to, but you have certain techniques that you play that help you out. I'm a big technician guy. I take my techniques down and I learn them. I do what I can to fight myself, and I hold my own pretty well I'd say."

On if his dad has given him the little cheating tricks all good linebackers need to know.

"Yeah, all those things that most people don't know, he's taught me. I use that to my advantage."

On if the senior linebackers have been helping him getting ready.

"Absolutely. In times when I'm kind of down or worried, one of them will always tap me on the shoulder and tell me it's OK. They're behind me 100 percent and they're always keeping me up, and I appreciate that."

On putting some pads on today.

"It felt good. It's been awhile so it's always good to put the pads on and thump a little bit."

On if he's glad that summer lifting is over.

"In the summer you run and lift and run and lift and it's ‘football is coming, football is coming." So you're excited, and when the day comes, it's like, ‘it's finally here.'"

On summer lifting and if it's as hard as he thought it would be.

"Some days. Some days because your body gets tired. It gets worn down. I struggled with it the first time. I ran out of legs, not having legs, that was new to me."

On who's getting the better of the other right now, offense or defense?

"It's even. It's neck and neck right now. It's neck and neck, I promise you. It's play to play. Its offense, defense, offense, offense, defense, defense. It's kind of hard to tell."

On playing for coach Minter.

"He's a great guy. He's got a lot of fire to him, and I like that about him. Even when you doing good or doing bad, he just wants the best from you." Top Stories