Irish Eyes Video: Rashon Powers-Neal

Running back Rashon Powers-Neal figures to factor in quite nicely into the offense this season. We spoke to the senior running back on Friday to find out how the first day of pads went, and about his hopes for the season.

Rashon Powers-Neal talks about fall camp and the season in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added the transcription of this interview below for our readers who can't acccess the video.

Rashon Powers-Neal on first day of pads.

"There was a lot of excitement out there today. Everybody has been kind of waiting for this day—get the first little bangs out, get the first real scrimmage going. It was pretty fun out there today."

A lot of yelling and celebration on the field was heard while we walked to the interview room. We asked Rashon what all the celebration was about.

"When you get the full pads on it adds a little bit of excitement to practice. Everybody plays a little bit harder and does those little extra things."

On the friendly rivalry between the offense and defense.

"Every play we're trying to beat the man across from us, and we're trying to beat them bad, too on every play."

On which defensive players run their mouth the most.

"We always have Hoyte out there running his mouth. Corey Mays is dancing around all the time. The safeties and corners are always yip-yapping."

When he makes them miss on a nice run, does he let them know about it?

"We definitely, definitely (do)."

On playing the duel role of halfback and fullback.

"It's going good. I'm just trying to help the team out any way I can. Trying to go out there and learn the offense and make plays any way I can."

On moving from more of an I formation team to working more out of the pro set.

"It's not difficult. It just takes time to learn the proper techniques and the different little things."

On if the offense has discussed their experience and woes in the past and vowed to turn it around this year.

"I think from the minute we came back—the minute we started working out together in the winter—we came back with that mindset that this offense needs to start stepping up and starts making plays and starts doing the things that we need to be doing."

On if the backs will see more passes out of the backfield.

"Yep, we're planning on it."

On now getting the chance to start making plays after limited action his first few seasons.

"I'm really excited, but I've had a ton of fun since I've been here. I have great memories since I've been here. I have great memories from the things we've done. It's kind of a relief to have this almost over with, but there's a lot of excitement to get back into it and give it one last shot."

On playing for coach Haywood and if he's strict.

"He gets on us pretty bad, but he's a great guy. Everything he tells we know is to make us better. I'd rather him be yelling at me than not saying anything to me at all."

On the competition for carries this fall.

"You've got to go out there and just try to make something happen every time you get an opportunity." Top Stories