Irish Eyes Video: Brady Quinn

We caught up with the Irish starting quarterback Brady Quinn after Monday's morning practice.

Watch Brady Quinn in this Irish Eyes Video

We've added the written transcript of our conversation with Quinn below.

Brady Quinn transcript

On what changes in week two.

"Coming into week two you want to refine everything you learn in week one. Kind of get the rest of the install in, the rest of the offense. I think the first week we went through pretty much all of spring, but now we're starting to see some new things. This morning we saw some new stuff. There's some new runs coming in this afternoon. You really just want to go out and refine all the old stuff and smooth everything out."

On if he notices an evolving depth chart amongst the other positions when players are getting reps—shuffling players running with the first unit and second unit.

"You definitely notice some changes each day, seeing different personnel coming in and different groups, different faces. For the most part it's pretty much the same nucleus of guys that keep rotating around. I think that's good from a competitive standpoint."

Quinn was learning the offense in the spring. Does he feel he has a better command of the offense now?

"I definitely feel like I have a better command of the offense and how to run things out there. I'm not sure what coach Weis thinks, but that's my opinion. I feel pretty confident in myself running this offense with the reads, progressions and different things."

On working with coach Vaas for the firs time.

"Coach Vaas is a big teacher. He's always out there coaching us up on fundamental things. Also, each coach is going to have different interpretations on things out there on what they're seeing. Coach Weis is going to give his opinion and coach Vaas is going to give his. When you're coming off the sideline he's always there to help you with the little things. That way when you're out there you're not just out there being coached on the offense. There are little things out there that you need to keep up on. You can't lose track on the small fundamental things."

On Maurice Stovall and the camp he's having.

"Maurice has done an extremely great job of working hard during the off season. Coming back, getting in better condition than ever before, and now it's really showing out there. When he's running routes, he's making catches, he's able to handle to have more stamina to be able to keep running those deep routes after deep routes."

On if he sees the way Weis tries to challenge the defenses with the plays he calls and how they're designed.

"Coach Weis' scheme sets us up in favorable positions all the time. The biggest thing is the way he's taught us where to go with the ball in any situation. You've always got outlets, you've always got places to go with it, and that makes you feel comfortable when you're a quarterback coming under center."

On if Weis has made Quinn appreciate having the kind of size at WR that he has this season in Maurice Stovall, Jeff Samardzija and Rhema McKnight.

"Actually there was one point today when he said, ‘look, when you've got one of those two guys in your sights, you've got to be loving that.' It's kind of funny hearing him say that coming from the NFL where you think guys are huge, you think that's the status quo, but I guess not."

On what his expectations are for himself this season.

"Huge things. Accomplishing everything we can for this team. That's the biggest part is just winning every game, going into it, being confident and just taking it one at a time. As long as we win games then everything will come after that."

On if he measures himself by winning games instead of statistics.

"Statistics is obviously something I'd love to get higher and higher, everything be closer to perfect. But I think when it comes down to it quarterbacks are graded upon winning, and that's something I haven't done in the past. That's what I'm looking at improving the most on this season."

On what the offense allows him to do as a quarterback.

"I think it allows us to put the offense in good situations, or allow us to get out of a bad one. Whatever the play may be, I think there are a lot of different things that the quarterback is able to do. I guess you could say liberties and freedom out there with where I'm able to go with the ball, different checks."

On how firm a grasp he feels he has on the offense at this point.

"I think I've got a pretty firm grasp of it. Obviously we haven't played a season with it. It's hard to tell when you're always going up against your own guys. If you're talking X's and O's and going through practice, I think I've got a pretty firm grasp of it."

On if he sees the quarterbacks moving outside of the pocket a lot more this year

"We obviously have some different things sprinkled in here and there. I think coach Weis just likes the quarterback to have different intangibles as far as rolling out and moving around. I think you'll maybe see a little more of that this year."

On how tough Weis is on Brady and the quarterbacks.

"I would probably say he's the toughest on the quarterbacks than any other group, but I think that's how it has to be, and that's how it should be."

On if he can let the yelling slide off his back.

"It's one thing where I don't necessarily want to let it slide because I care too much about what coach has to say. I think I can get used to him coaching us that hard." Top Stories