Film Review: Sam Young

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. offensive lineman Sam Young has a wealth of offers already. The 6-7, 280-pound Young clearly has the talent to be a star at the next level, but what does our Irish Eyes expert think of Sam Young's film?

Former Irish offensive lineman Sean Milligan knows quite a bit about college football after starting two seasons for the Irish before succumbing to a career-ending back injury. Who better to ask about offensive linemen that Milligan?

Milligan was kind enough to take a look at Scout five-star prospect Sam Young to give his thoughts on his potential and sent us this film evaluation of Young.

Sam Young has all the tools to be a top player in college. I like what he brings to the table. He looks like a man playing among boys on the field.

Run Blocking: Sam has some very good technique--he keeps on his block. He doesn't seem to get over his toes and rarely looks out of control. I like the way that he pursues the play, and he is always looking for someone to hit.

He runs very well for a big man--he beats some of the other skill players to the ball at the end of every play. Sam has a very good first couple of steps. He rarely gets stuffed in the hole. He dictates the block--he takes the defender where he wants.

One thing I think he can improve on is his leverage, he needs to play a little lower. He plays tough and is always looking for someone to hit, but I would have like to see him finish more blocks. He lets the player off the hook when he can punish him. He seems to look too much for the big knock out hit and that will cause in problems at the next level.

Pass Blocking: Sam has very good technique. He is always trying to get full extension with his arms. This is critical to keeping the defender off of you. If they can't collapse your arms, they cant get to the quarterback.

He has very good hand placement. He is very good at keeping his hands inside on the breastplate. When you control the inside, a defender must now focus on replacing their hand if they want to defeat the block. Sam is good at getting out of his stance quickly and gets upright very well.

Sam needs to work on his punch. When he gets his arms extended he releases the defender too often. He doesn't get his arms collapsed--he just lets the defender off the hook.

I would say that Young is a left tackle prospect because he has some good quickness. He just needs to get a little nastier on the field. He needs to finish his blocks and make the defenders day as miserable as possible. Top Stories