Irish Eyes Video: Coach Oliver

Defensive Line coach Jappy Oliver gives his thoughts after practice on Tuesday.

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Jappy Oliver Transcript

On if anyone is stepping up at defensive end besides the two who have experience.

"Besides our fearless leader, (we) still have some growing pains out there. The guys are doing some good things. I just want the end spot to be more consistent. Sometimes I see flashes, and then other times they take a step back. I just want more consistency out of the other ends."

On if Ronald Talley and Justin Brown have settled in to a position.

"If you've been watching practice you know that Talley's been playing outside, and Justin Brown has been playing outside also, just opposite sides. That's the consistency I'm talking about—trying to get more out of these kids. I've been pleased, not having Talley during the spring, some of the things he's done."

On if Schiccatano has found a home at defensive end.

"It's hard to say. I think without getting too deep in detail about a particular person, right now special teams is real important, in terms of finding a home, that's probably where he needs to find a home first in terms of contributing to this team."

On the improvements Trevor Laws has made to be an every down player.

"He proved that in the spring a little bit to me. I'm really pleased with what I see right now. He won't be a part time guy this fall. I promise you that."

On if any freshmen might be able to help him this season.

"The jury is still out. I only have two. We got after it a little bit yesterday and one of them did a lot of good things, so he'll get my attention a little bit more. It's still real early in this thing for a freshman."

On which freshman he's referring to?

"Patrick (Kuntz). He's got some toughness. I like him."

On the play of Dwight Stephensen inside this fall.

"The big thing with him goes along with the ends that I was talking about—consistency. He's one of those kids that shows flashes, but I need more consistency."

On Stephensen's best attribute as a player.

"Probably quickness."

On if he expects Derek Landri to be full go for Pittsburgh.

"Absolutely. He hasn't taken a back seat on anything."

On what Brian Beidatsch brings to the table.

"Well those older guys have been really consistent for us anyway, and he falls right in that category. (I'm) really pleased with his performance. Obviously we'll be counting on him a lot this fall."

On how the pass rush is developing.

"Do you know how much our offense is throwing the ball? We get a lot of work on pass rush. As a rule of thumb, like I stated earlier in the preseason and in the spring, if you don't have guys coming off the edge that have 4.5-4.6 speed, you've got to do some things to help them out, and that's what we're doing. You may see us doing more movement. I like the mobility of our tackles inside. Just because they're tackles inside don't mean they're going to stay there inside rushing. You may see them coming around corners and doing different things. So we'll do some things scheme-wise to help us pass rushing, I promise you."

On what he tries to do to generate a better pass rush.

"It's a lot of things. It could be personnel, it could be scheme, it could be play calling—all of those things come into play. Hopefully we can put them in the right defense at the right time to get some pass rush to help the secondary."

On if he'll be looking for some smaller, quicker guys in recruiting to compliment the bigger guys he has.

"Not necessarily. We're always going after the best players we can find, period. Whether they're small or whether they're big, we're going to go after them. We'll fit the scheme around our best players."

On if he sees some of the same things in coach Weis and coach Holtz as Oliver has coached for both now.

"I'll tell you what I don't see. If I had a chance to work with Lou when he was in his heyday, I can imagine that's what Charlie is like right now. I can't answer that question because I caught (Holtz) on the tail end of his career, but from the stories I've heard from other coaches on how coach Holtz was, I can see that being coach Weis, there's no question. Just get after it…won't settle for nothing but the best out of his coaches, players, himself, and everybody around us." Top Stories