Mullen Discusses Rumors

Rumors pop up all the time. But with recruiting, it happens far too often. Paddy Mullen talked about his supposed interest in Illinois, and essentially places everything into perspective.

Notre Dame received a commitment from Paddy Mullen this past spring. Even though Mullen had committed he originally planned to take some official visits. Where does he stand now?

"I am 100% committed to Notre Dame," Mullen proclaimed. "Munir (Prince) and I talked at practice today about all the rumors. People were calling us, calling coach; I spoke to (coach) Ianello yesterday….I am only going to visit Notre Dame. I am going to go up there the first weekend of December."

Mullen also plans to attend as many Notre Dame home games as he can depending on his schedule, and is fired up about playing for Notre Dame.

Now that is out of the way, how in the world did the Illinois rumors start? Does Mullen have any connections to the Illinois program?

"I have no idea," Mullen said bluntly about how the rumors started. "Family? No, none.

"I mean it would be one thing if it were SC (Southern California), or maybe Oklahoma, but Illinois? Come on!"

After discussing the rumor mill, I asked Mullen about his future position at Notre Dame.

"Coach Weis told me he would start me out at tight end, but that they would play me at the position that best fits me. If tight end does not work out he said he would try me at defensive end and see if I like defense. I really like catching passes and running routes, but I don't really care which position I play."

Mullen is currently 6-4, 255-pounds.

SMITTY'S TAKE - Well, that takes care of another rumor. Mullen will be Irish. Top Stories