Irish Eyes video: Maurice Stovall

We caught up with senior wide receiver Maurice Stovall in this Irish Eyes video.

Watch Maurice Stovall on this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Stovall's comments for those readers who cannot view the video.

Maurice Stovall On losing weight for the season.

"As a wide receiver I had to slim down to be more effective on the field as far as my speed, being more condition, and staying on the field longer to help my team. Coach Rueben helped me over the summer during summer workouts. It's been effective during camp."

On if Weis actually said "I'm going to be the only fat guy on the team."

"He did tell me that. During the spring time I was a little heavy. I think I was around 235 and (he told me) I had to slim down between 218-220. He did say that as a joke, but he did seriously need me to lose weight and it's helped me a lot."

On if he feels he's quicker on the field.

"I definitely feel more quicker, more agile…getting out of my breaks quicker. It's helped me a lot."

On if he's thought about this as being his last season for the Irish.

"Yeah, it's crossed my mind a few times. This is my fourth year here. (I) played a freshman, now I'm a senior and this is my last year. Right now in training camp I'm just focusing on our plays and getting ready for the season."

On what the expectations are for the offense this season.

"We feel very confident in ourselves right now. We expect to win a lot of games and go out and compete every day. We try to apply that to practice every day."

Weis mentioned earlier this week that bigger receivers tend to give away their breaks when running routes. Stovall talked about that.

"As a tall receiver it's kind of difficult because you're so tall and you have high shoulders and a lot of times, corner backs, it's easy for them to read because you're so high. You have to get your shoulders down and drop your hips and getting out of breaks. Our wide receiver coach, Rob Ianello, works with us. We do cone drills working on that…we do bag drills."

On what he's working on the hardest.

"I don't think I'm working on anything specifically the hardest. The main thing would be consistency—going out and practicing hard every day and approaching it like it's a game."

Did he mean by consistency how at times he'd make a miraculous catch and then later drop an easy pass?

"I think it was that along with other things. I don't think it was anything individually. I'm just trying to improve this year."

On what he likes about this new offense.

"Coach Weis is a great offensive coordinator—at New England he was. I like how we are approaching the game now. Guys are more confident and we're going to be more effective this year."

On why the team is more confident.

"I don't think we're more confident than last year. I just think a lot of guys have more experience and we're ready to get rolling. We approach practice each day like it's a game situation. It shows on film and we're going to apply it during the season." On what he weighed last season.

"Last season I weighed around 232-235. Now I weigh around 220."

On how he lost the weight.

"I changed my diet and doing extra things after workouts…on weekends, maybe getting on a bike or treadmill or something. Just doing a little more than I was in the past."

On if he's having his best camp as far as consistency goes.

"I think I feel that way. I think we're doing that as a whole offense. Guys are more tuned into what's going on. We're more confident and everyone's doing their job. We'll see a difference this year."

On if there has been a big change this year as far as the mental part of the game and staying focused.

"I feel as though it has. We have a lot of experience on our offense. Guys have played in games, gotten a lot of reps. We have a lot of experience and we're more mature. We're more mature as a team." Top Stories