Irish Eyes Video: Peter Vaas

See what Notre Dame quarterback coach Peter Vaas had to say in Thursday's post-practice interview.

Watch Peter Vaas in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of most of Vaas' comments to the media on Thursday for those that cannot view the video clips. Enjoy!

Peter Vaas Transcription

On when the coaches will settle on a second quarterback.

I don't think coaches make that decision. I think the players will make that decision as they go through. One of the things that you look for in any player, not only the first quarterback or the second quarterback or the third quarterback, is not necessarily a guy who's going to be great, but a guy who's going to eliminate the bad play and be consistent on a consistent basis. I think the process is moving along. Like anything in life, it's probably doesn't go as fast as you'd like it to go, but at the same time there is progress is made."

On if they have to make that decision soon, as Weis has indicated, even if the players don't make that decision for them.

"I would still the player is still going to make decision. It might not be a clear cut decision, but a player is going to make the decision in some fashion. Maybe it's 51-49, maybe it's 80-20, nobody knows what the spread is going to be, but again, the players will make that decision."

On how Brady Quinn has been grasping the offense thus far.

"I think probably one of the more impressive things about Brady Quinn is his mental capabilities. Brady knows the offensive inside and out. I stop and scratch my head and say, ‘son of a gun, he's only been here a spring practice plus 10 days.' It's been exceptionally impressive. He's a very intelligent young man and he's done exceptionally well with the whole thing."

"You can tell he's an experienced football player that has the maturity about him, a presence about him, and a command about him that is very easy to see and to feel. You can probably feel it more than you see it."

On if there will have to be another package ready this season in case the No. 2 quarterback has to come into the game, and how different that package will have to be because of the difference between the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks.

"We haven't talked about the specifics yet because we haven't decided exactly where the No. 2 is going to fall yet. Another way of phrasing what (Weis) was talking about there….you're going to play to the strengths and stay away from the weaknesses of every player on your team. Certainly whatever the next quarterback that runs the Notre Dame offense, he's going to be different that what Brady Quinn is.

"I'll give you a perfect example. Tony Rice and Rick Mirer. I wasn't here with Tony, but I certainly saw a lot of tape of him. They ran the same offense, but yet the emphasis with what Tony Rice did was a lot different than what the emphasis with what Rick Mirer did because of the strengths and abilities of each one of those players."

On if there is a deadline set for when they'll name the No. 2 quarterback.

"I think you're asking me a question that is (Weis') decision. It would be more appropriately answered by him."

On Vaas' thoughts on his younger quarterbacks.

"I think one of the strengths that David Wolke has is he's an intense, intense competitor. David loves to compete, and I think that's a big positive."

"I think what Evan Sharpley brings to the table is he's a very polished thrower—very smooth."

"I think Danny Gorski, I haven't seen a heck of a lot of him because he has a back problem right now, he had a great leadership ability. A great leadership air about him—a command when he stepped into the huddle."

"Marty Mooney is an extremely intelligent young man that knows the offense probably as well as what Brady does."

On Wolke talking about taking mental reps when Quinn is playing with the 1s and how important that is for a quarterback's development.

"If you would watch me during practice, I'm coaching the quarterbacks that are playing that the quarterback that is. (Weis) is up there with the quarterback that's there, and we stand back in a semi circle. We read the play ‘what's your thought process.' Before the snap we're looking at this, we're looking at that. If this happens this is what we want to do. When the play is over we talk about that particular play. Those mental reps, visualizing what you're seeing, talking about it, are incredibly important."

On how he's adapted to getting up to speed since he came in late with this new staff.

"The best way I can tell you is if you were to go to Lake Michigan and you would go to the beach. Those other guys went to the beach and they walked into the water. They took me to a bridge and dropped me off it. I was in deep right from the beginning. But the positive part is when I jumped off that bridge everyone was down there trying to catch me. They've welcomed me with open arms and they've helped me a ton." Top Stories