Irish Eyes Video: Terrail Lambert

We caught up with sophomore CB Terrail Lambert after practice Friday to get his thoughts on Fall camp and the upcoming season.

Watch Terrail Lambert on this Irish Eyes Video We've also added a transcription from our conversation with Lambert for those that can't view the video.

Terrail Lambert Transcript On how fall camp is going for him.

"It's going good. I'm learning a lot—flying around. I think it's a good experience, having an NFL coach running that type of system."

On working with coach Bill Lewis. "I think coming from the league, especially as a defensive back coach, the thing he brings to the table, more than anything that sticks out in my mind, is attention to detail. I think you realize, especially at this level, attention to detail is crucial to the play. It could be the difference between me breaking on a ball and me missing and a guy scoring a touchdown."

Since Lambert played mostly linebacker and safety in high school, we asked him if he's had a hard time adjusting to corner.

"I wouldn't say it's been hard. At least not in the physical aspect. It's a lot more mental than anything. Just getting adjusted to constantly being on that island. The mental part of it is the biggest part. The little things—you've always got to harp on that. You always have to tell yourself to be fundamentally sound, be technically sound."

On having to learn another system after just learning the previous system from the previous staff.

"I've got to admit at first it was kind of ‘dang, I've got to learn another system.' But the way I look at it, it could've been worse. What if I was a sophomore or junior and I had already been adapting to a system and then a new coaching staff is coming on. If it was meant to be I'm glad it happened at this time."

On if this staff wants the DBs to play a little more physical this year with press coverage and bumping at the line of scrimmage.

"The defensive scheme we're in right now, as far as the secondary is concerned, it's a little bit more dynamic. A lot more hands-on work. You're involved a lot more. Where as the last defensive scheme we had, it was pretty much clean cut. Thirds, half-man, I'm press time, I'm press-bail this time. I think it's a little more in depth and they flip things a little more in their scheme."

On where he's working right now with the defense.

"Boundary corner."

On how he likes that.

"I'm up to the challenge—always being the man that's going to be pressed upon a receiver. I like being close to the receivers."

On if he's worked in the nickel or dime so far this fall camp.

"I've worked in nickel lately. Just the last two days they've put in an installation for a dime package. I've been playing that dime. They'll bring a safety in, like Zibby today was our nickel for the day. I'll be on the boundary side with Mike (Richardson) operating as that dime while he'll be at corner and Ambrose Wooden will be at field corner."

On how he feels knowing his time to play will be soon.

"It feels good. The way I see it is, wherever I can help my team, let me do it. Everyone wants to win games so if they see that I can operate at that dime, then by all means, put me in there."

On adapting to his surroundings coming from California.

"First year, I have to admit, it was kind of hard. One, it's a different atmosphere. Indiana and California are like night and day just as far as the atmosphere—weather, culture—there are so many things that come into play. Then you add the element of college life. You're basically just thrown in there and you're on your own. I guess the thing that helped me the most was that I had other comrades and peers within my freshman class that was going through the same thing, so it didn't really feel like I was going through it alone."

On competing for the same positions with some of your best friends.

"It's heavy competition, but at the same time, that competition is always us encouraging one another and pushing ourselves to be the best. It's like Leo (Ferrine) gets an interception, I've got to get two interceptions. If I get two, he's got to get three. In the process we're making each other better."

On if he feels the new defensive scheme fits the personnel better than the previous scheme.

"I believe so. I think this defensive scheme suits us as far the personnel we have on our team. I think we'll be able to utilize, since it's a real fluent defense, it's real adjustable, a lot of checks, a lot of switches, I think it will do well for us."

Many think this defensive unit won't be as experienced as the unit in 2004, but the defense will be more athletic. Does Lambert think so?

"I think people could argue that. The only true thing I can say is we'll never know until we get thrown out there so we'll see what happens."

On if he's thought about the Pitt game and likely his first playing experience.

"I've thought about it a little bit. Coming in camp my main thing was just learning more about the system, becoming more comfortable, and focusing more on the mental aspect of the game. As far as Pitt, I know it's going to be a very watched game. Everyone is going to want to know how Notre Dame is going to respond."

On if he's more of an animated player or a guy who lets his play do the talking on the field.

"I'd say I'm more quiet ones unless I'm deliberately challenged. Then I'll become a little more flamboyant, flashy. It's in me, but I try to keep it moderated." Top Stories