News and Notes 8-19-2005

*The Notre Dame football team continued their fall camp this afternoon with a three-hour practice at Cartier Field. The players worked on game situations in the session with the offense getting the ball with four minutes on the clock, up three and trying to run the clock out. The defense was attempting to stop the offense and was armed with three timeouts to help stop to clock. Head coach Charlie Weis said it was important for the defense to know what to do with those timeouts.

"You need to look over to the sidelines and be alert when the head coach wants to call a timeout and when he doesn't," Weis said. "It's important for everyone to understand how critical time management is at the end of the game. Fellas, you can't just assume players know how to do that. You need to coach them. You need to coach them so they are right along with you. That was one of the parts of practices I was pleased with."

This apparently was the only part of practice that pleased Weis. Unhappy with the effort level from the players, Weis made them do a little extra running at the end. After these sprints, he sent them to their respective position coaches and allowed his assistants to run them some more.

"As far as everyone else, today was the day that I thought I disliked the most," Weis said about today's practice. "I wouldn't say it was going through the motions but it kind of. They had a three-hour practice after having just a one-a-day the day before that with a three-hour practice. As of a matter of fact, we did a little extra running at the end of practice today because I wasn't very happy."

*The freshman get a reprieve from the team for a few days because of orientation proceedings on campus. They will not be back with the team until Sunday. Weis could sense they knew a few days off was not far off.

"The freshman saw the light at the end of the tunnel because at 5 o'clock today, they don't have to be at practice until 3 o'clock Sunday because of freshman orientation here at Notre Dame," Weis said. "They had those farley eyes from the start of practice because they want to get over to that cookout on the North Quad."

*Much has been made of the backup quarterback situation with the Irish. Weis has not named a one as of yet. Quarterbacks coach Peter Vaas was complimentary of the players competing for the number two spot, highlighting their individual strengths.

"I think one of the strengths David Wolke has is that he is an intense competitor," Vaas said. "David loves to compete. That's a big positive. I think the thing that Evan Sharpley brings to the table is that he is a very polished quarterback. Danny Gorski, I haven't seen a whole lot of him because he's got a back problem right now, he a great leadership ability about him, an air about him when he stepped into that huddle. Marty Mooney is an extremely intelligent young man who knows the offense probably as well as Brady does. They all have different qualities."

*As fall camp progresses to an end, players, especially the younger ones, might hit their physical and emotional peak. The team has a two-a-day tomorrow, a single practice on Sunday, and their last two-a-day on Monday before classes start on Tuesday. Starting on Tuesday, the NCAA-mandated 20 hours a week rule will take effect. Weis acknowledges a wall might be hit but said it's all a mind game.

"There's that hump, that wall. But it's all psychological. I think that's a critical factor that the players learn how to get over that wall and how to get over that hump. As I told the coaches at the end of practice on the field, ‘Fellas, we have to show how.' You can't just assume everyone is going to do it on their own.

"Sometimes yelling and screaming has an impact but sometimes you have to realize the yelling and screaming can only go so far. Sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other. You have to play both sides of the fence psychologically. Sometimes put it on them."

*Running back Justin Hoskins was in a green jersey today at practice and not in pads. The sophomore ball carrier is in a battle for playing time behind starter Darius Walker. Also in green jerseys and not in pads were Gorski, freshman cornerback Ray Herring, and sophomore linebacker Abdel Banda. Apache linebacker Maurice Crum, Jr. was in pads but sported a red jersey as was senior running back Jeff Jenkins. Top Stories