Aldridge Runs Wild

There are big opening game performances, and then there are simply ridiculous open game perfornances. Aldridge made his mark quickly against East Chicago Central.

There was little doubt who was going to win the Merrillville vs. East Chicago Central football game. The only question was by how much and how it would be done.

There is little doubt that James Aldridge is the leading candidate to win Indiana Mr. Football this year. His first game was a step in that direction.

"I had 122 yards on 7 carries and three touchdowns," Aldridge said. "I only played in the first quarter."

Those are impressive statistics, but for one quarter, that is truly incredible.

Merrillville has a deep and talented roster and rolled to a 82-0 victory despite playing every member of the roster.

"My longest run was like 45 yards."

Merrillville plays at Highland next Friday, then travels once again the following weekend to take on its rival Crown Point. Top Stories