Irish Eyes Video: Freshmen Speak

The Freshmen got their first chance to speak to the media on Monday and Irish Eyes was there covering their first comments. Here are some clips from some of Notre Dame's freshmen talking about their first experiences practicing with the Irish.

Irish Eyes spoke with David Bruton, Asaph Schwapp, Patrick Kuntz and Ray Herring on Monday among others. Here are the video clips of our conversation with these talented freshmen.

David Bruton

Asaph Schwapp

Pat Kuntz

Ray Herring

We've also added a transcription of our conversations with both Bruton and Kuntz. Enjoy!

David Bruton Transcription

On the change to college football.

"It actually has been more than I've experienced before. A lot of hard work, a lot of running, a lot of conditioning, a lot more physical contact and everything."

On how he's been able to get himself in the mix for playing time while running with the first team at times.

"It's just so I can learn the defense working with Tommie (Zbikowsi). I've just been pretty much trying to make plays and trying to learn everything."

On if he expected to be in the position to get first-team reps this fall.

"To be honest with you, I didn't expect it. I just wanted to help the team as much as possible, so if I had to be on scout team, I wouldn't mind."

On what's been the biggest learning adjustment so far.

"Just all the schemes and everything. If you have to make a mistake, you make it at 100 percent."

On if the coaching staff has talked to him about being ready to play this season or told him he would play this season.

"I just plan to help the team. There's always that thought process. You have to be ready just in case you need to be put on the field, in case of an injury."

On if Zbikowski has helped him out in learning the position.

"Tommie has been helpful, so has Nedu (Chinedum Ndukwe). They've been helping me a long, and Kyle and Ray, all the longer guys. Just helping us learn the schemes."

On if he'll see any time playing special teams this fall.

"As of now I'm first-team on all four special teams. That could change."

On adjusting to college life and if he's glad he got the summer to ease into school before the season kicked off.'

"I really think it was beneficial from a football standpoint and an academic standpoint--being able to schedule you're time in between both. "

Pat Kuntz Transcription

Patrick Kuntz on the biggest adjustment so far that he's had to face in fall camp.

"I'd have to say the competition level. I went to a good high school and we were very competitive. When you come to college you've got kinds who are the best players on each of their respective teams. The whole pace of practice, the whole competition level is a lot better. The scout team in high school is probably less caliber then the first-team. The players here on scout team, they were all-state."

On coming up this summer and if that was beneficial.

"I think it was probably one of the best decisions I've made. Sure, I have to leave all my friends in what's supposed to be one of the greatest times of our lives, the summer before college. I'd say it was the most important thing I've done because it got me in shape. That made two-a-days a lot better than it could have been. Also two classes are in the bank. That's going to help me out a lot—already getting adapted to the school system."

On what classes he took.

"I took finite mathematics and an intro to FYC class, which is like writing composition class."

On what he wants to major in college.

"I'm not sure where I'm headed. I've been thinking about doing film and television—doing something with announcing or maybe even the media. But I think my passion is in law enforcement. If I choose to do that, I can just go into the police academy after I'm done with football and done with going to school."

On where he is on the depth chart right now.

"There's some good players in front of me. I've been rotating in some with them. I'm here to make the team better, and no depth chart has really been assigned to me yet. I'll just see how it goes."

On Jappy Oliver singling him out as a guy who's impressed him.

"I just try to go out there and do everything I can. I'm just a tough-natured kind of kid. I just try to do everything I can, be as nasty as possible, that's what coach Weis likes to see."

On going against some college offensive linemen.

"It's a big jump from high school to college and going against people who are three or four years older than you. Just the strength program they've been going through and getting ahead of you so far. But I feel like I've been competing fairly well and just never giving up."

On if he was surprised by the size and speed of the players here.

"Oh yeah. In high school, kids that are that big usually are not that athletic. You're going against guys like Ryan Harris and all these other linemen who are experienced. It's a big change. You've got to almost counter your attack towards it. I think I've learned to deal with the competition level so far and I'm just getting better."

On learning technique.

"I'm still learning every day. It's not just bulrush over people anymore. The technique is very important when it comes to defensive line play."

On if he's enjoying it.

"It's always been a dream to come here. It's kind of weird that it's only two weeks from Pittsburgh, but time flies when you're having fun. I just like getting after it. Football is my passion." Top Stories