Irish Eyes Video: Mike Haywood

Irish offensive coordinator Michael Haywood met with the media on Tuesday to talk about Notre Dame's progress on the offensive side of the ball. Here's the video of Haywood's comments on Tuesday.

Offensive coordinator Michael Haywood talks about Notre Dame's offense in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also included a transcript of Haywood's comments for those that cannot view the video.

Michael Haywood Transcript

Haywood on where he's sees the offensive progress at this point.

"I think we've started to turn the corner a little bit. We're starting to work together more as a team. (We're) understating responsibilities of the blocking schemes, understanding how to help each individual and realize that our weak link, whatever that may be on a certain play, isn't getting it done, now we're able to provide help at certain points with other players."

On how important he thinks the running game will be early in the season to help an inexperienced defense.

"I think the running game is important in every game which you play. Primarily whenever you can run the football, then you can play-action pass, they try to bring more players in the box, it turns into and 8-9 man box, and then you're able to throw the ball outside."

On working on game situations today and how the offense did.

"I think they developed and understanding of what we're trying to get done at that point in time. There are various situations, it could be a two-minute situation, it can be a jump ball situation, it may be a situation where we're trying to get a first down to put ourselves in field goal position with an alert timeout, and I think the guys are starting to understand what we're asking for in certain situations. They're extremely coachable young men and extremely intelligent so they learn on the run."

On if Walker can be an every down back.

"I think Darius has the ability to be one of the finest tailbacks throughout the country. At the same time I think we have other quality backs that can come in and do an outstanding job if he needs a break here and there. So we're going to play as many guys as that capable of playing."

On what he has to change now that the team is on a 20-hour week schedule.

"You definitely have make sure that you're more organized and hit the key points because you don't get to spend as much time with the kids as you have over the two-a-day camp that we just finished. Hit the key points and making sure that we go through our packages. When you organize you're practices, making sure that you're seeing certain runs and certain passes against the fronts, against the blitzes and against the coverages you're going to see throughout the game."

On if there becomes a greater sense of urgency now that they have less time to spend coaching the team.

"I think there's a sense of urgency. I think the tempo picked up to a higher level today. I think there's a lot of anxiety with the young men looking forward to the upcoming games in the fall."

On if he's seen Brady Quinn become more efficient in the passing game as camp has gone on.

"I think that Brady is adapting to the new coaching philosophies in which he's been given. I think he's getting on the same page as coach Vaas and coach Weis, and he's getting better each and every day. We're looking forward to the opportunity of him having a better career."

On if he's getting a feel for how coach Weis calls a game.

"Whenever we're in team situations I'm with coach Weis hip and hip. I'm like a sponge. I absorb all the information which I can get. It's really important to understand down and distance situations in which we're going into. There are certain times when we have certain down and distances when we bring in certain personnel. There are three or four different things in which we're going to do in that practice and it's just a great opportunity for myself to understand a different signal caller, who I think is outstanding, as opposed to some of the signal callers I've been with in the past."

On what's been the key thing he's learned about coach Weis as a signal caller.

"Expect the unexpected. That's the best thing I can tell you. Whatever you see, don't always believe."

On the offensive line play and depth along the offensive line.

"I think the offensive line is starting to understand exactly what coach Latina is looking for. They're starting to play with some physical toughness and understanding the execution, the steps, the reads, hat placement, hand placement in which coach Latina is asking for. We knew the depth when we came in here. The depth hasn't changed. The guys that are playing are doing a great job and we're going to play with the guy we go to war with." Top Stories