Turkovich and McCarthy Talk about Fall Camp

The Irish officially closed fall camp on Monday as the 2005 academic year begins Tuesday. The freshman football players had their first opportunity to speak with the media and Irish Eyes was there to get several quotes.

Michael Turkovich - 6-7, 290-pound offensive lineman from Bedford, Pennsylvania.

How has camp been going and what has been the biggest challenge?

"It's been good. It's been a learning experience adjusting to the new playbook. The playbook in high school doesn't compare to how complex it is. That's the main thing; it has been a learning experience. The biggest challenge probably is learning my assignments and learning the offensive schemes, plays, and stuff."

What is your impression of the coaching staff, especially Coach Latina?

"They coach hard, and they will do whatever it takes to win. Coach Latina coaches everybody hard. Some guys he has to teach differently and that pretty much is the main thing because each guy is different. I can't really point out his style, but you can see it."

What is the major difference between your former high school coaches and the Irish staff?

"They are a little more intense here. When you make a mistake, they are a little harder on you .Things are a lot quicker and they teach things quicker."

Which veterans have helped you the most?

"All the guys have helped me, but I would have to say Ryan Harris has really helped me with assignments because I'm a left tackle too. At times he doesn't know he is helping me because I watch him when he is taking reps. I watch his footwork and try to learn as much as I can from his play."

Why did you choose Notre Dame over the other schools that offered you?

"Because I felt it was a great family atmosphere here. The coaching staff and everybody care about you. I really like coach Latina, although I really didn't know him that well before, but have developed a good relationship. My former high school coach knew him and thought he would be a good fit for me."

What is your most immediate goal?

"Making the bus to the Pittsburgh game. That's my biggest goal--just getting on the bus and helping the team win. I'm from southwest Pennsylvania and it would be good to go and play against Pittsburgh."

Kyle McCarthy - 6-0, 185-pound defensive back from Youngstown, Ohio.

How would you describe your first fall camp at Notre Dame?

"Camp is going great. We are learning a lot, and I think the team is really starting to form together. Overall it's exciting, especially preparing for September 3rd."

Your first impression of the Irish playbook?

"It's a whole lot different than high school, I know that, but I think coach Minter has done a great job of teaching it and coach Lewis has done a great job of teaching us techniques and the way to do things. It's just been exciting to pick it all up and put it on the field."

What is your primary goal for this camp?

"Right now I think my goal is to help out the team any way I can and get on that bus for Pittsburgh and do whatever I can to help this team."

Are there certain players who have helped you since your arrival on campus?

"I think for all the freshmen, ever since we hit campus, the upper classmen have really taken us under their wings. They really have taught us everything and helped make the transition a whole lot easier and smoother. They have been great role models to us and great mentors for us."

Where would you say you are on the depth chart at this time?

"Right now the depth chart is changing daily, and right now I'm just trying to help the team out and do whatever I can to get on that bus for Pittsburgh."

How would you describe coach Lewis?

"Coach Lewis is a great teacher and a great guy and I have really learned a lot from him in the short time I have been together with him. I'm excited to see what these next four years bring."

Why did you choose Notre Dame over other schools?

"Notre Dame has always held a special place in my heart. My grandfather went here and my older brother goes here. It's truly a special place and anyone who has been on campus knows that."

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