Irish Eyes Video: Darius Walker

Sophomore Darius Walker has cemented his position as starting running back as the Irish ended fall camp. We spoke with Walker to talk about his starting position and his season. Here's the video clip of Walker's comments.

Running back Darius Walker talks about the season in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Walker's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Darius Walker Transcript

Darius Walker on if he's sensed he's nailed down the No. 1 position.

"I guess you kind of do get a feel with taking the reps with the No. 1s and everything. I try to position myself that way—being the No. 1, go-to guy. I've definitely worked towards that position. I guess it does give me a starter feel."

On how his conditioning this summer has helped his durability.

"I think we all saw that payoff when we had that conditioning test. We all had that conditioning test with the 18-110s (110-yard sprint 18 times). I know I've never done anything to that extent, and I think a lot people haven't done anything to that extent—a lot of the other players as well. I think we all saw it pay off then when we were able to do that in the time allotted when everyone was able to make the times."

On if he's seen his conditioning pay off in camp.

"I think it definitely rolled into camp. Now, taking reps now, it's basically nothing. It's a lot easier to do than it was maybe so last year."

On running back coach Michael Haywood coming from a place where he used one back last year, and is Walker is excited about that possibility?

"I don't think you think about it a lot. What is exciting about it is the type of back that was there with Cedric Benson and the type of success he had at Texas. It's exciting to get a chance to work with coach Haywood."

A lot of people think of coach Weis as a big passing guy. Does Walker get the sense that the offense will be a lot more balanced than people think?

"I sure hope there's a lot more balance. The offense is definitely more complex than I've ever seen. It is a very good balance—a good balance of run, a good balance of pass. Coach Weis likes to mix it up and do different things, so we all get a chance to play a role."

On if he'll see more balls out of the backfield.

"That would be nice as well. I'd like to touch it as many times as I possibly could."

On Weis' comments on Tuesday of breaking the team down and building them back up.

"I think we all realized that during the summer conditioning because there were many times when people would want to stop, and there would be throwing up on the side, and people were pushing themselves past their known points—way beyond what they originally thought they could do. I think that's something we got early during the summer, so now it becomes easier to push ourselves past that point."

On what's impressed him about the offensive line so far.

"The way they work. They're just tremendous guys. They just work so hard. That's what's impressed me so far is their level of work and the effort that those guys give out there for me. I love those guys to death. I definitely appreciate the job they do."

On if he's seeing different holes out there this year.

"I don't know if I'm seeing different holes. I think we're all comfortable with each other now. We all know what each other is going to do and how each other plays. That makes it a lot easier to get out there and run the ball, and it makes it easier for them to block when they're seeing the same back."

On Weis talking about the confidence he's seen from his players. Does Walker see that?

"I think where we can really see it is just our expressions in the huddle—at least for me individually. The way the guys look, everybody knows what they're doing and you see a sense of confidence. You get a confidence feeling that everyone knows what's going on and they know what to do next. I think that the energy that the guys have in the huddle flickers off on everyone else."

On if he's glad camp is over, and if it was as hard as he thought it would be.

"Yes, I'm glad camp is over. No, I didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was. It was definitely a rough time for us, but I think that because it was so rough, it definitely helped us grow in a major way."

On if the coaches are hard on the starters.

"I think we get it worse than the other guys. I really do. But that's something that I like about this coaching staff. They treat everybody the same, regardless if you're a starter or a walk-on."

On what happens if a running back fumbles the football.

"You have to run about three or four laps. And right after you run the laps you have to go right back in and get right back in it. I've guess it's sort of a conditioning thing as well."

On if they had to run last year if they fumbled.

"Last year, I don't really remember. I don't think so. That's the key thing, just don't fumble and you don't have to worry about."

On what stood out about camp being more difficult than he thought it would be.

"I think the amount of time that we put in. Not just on the field but off the field. We had days where we'd get up very early in the morning and wouldn't get done until late night. That was definitely something that was different for me. It was true training camp." Top Stories