Wenger Waiting on Official Visits

The Irish want top offensive line prospects that have the ability to play right away. St. Thomas Aquinas High school (Fort Lauderdale, FL) center Daniel Wenger is a prospect the Notre Dame staff has identified as the type of player that has the of potential to do just that.

The Irish are among several schools that are attempting to get Daniel Wenger to take an official visit this season. Dan had talked about scheduling some visits during his season, but upon further consideration he has decided to wait.

"Right now as far as recruiting, it's pretty slow, but I know as soon as September 1st comes that it's going to get pretty crazy again," Wenger said.

"Official visits right now, I've realized that it's not going to be the best time to take visits during the season," Wenger explained. "I'm not going to have much time, so I'm just going to wait to take them at the end of my season.

"Talking to a lot of coaches, they said they want to get me up there on Friday to show me certain things. I'd actually have to fly out the next morning (Saturday) real early. I'd probably miss some of the things that they wanted to show me. I might miss some of the tours or meeting with the academic advisors. If I wait until after the season I can take care of everything.

Duke, Florida, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Purdue and Pittsburgh are the schools Dan has mentioned in the past that in the running for his official visits, but he's isn't going to close the door to anyone just yet.

"Right now I'm just pretty much focusing on playing my senior season and having fun," he said. "As September rolls around and the phone calls start rolling in, that will probably be the time to say ‘Thanks, but no thanks'. Around mid to late September is when I'll have my core group of colleges."

The Irish didn't offer Dan until late July. Has the Irish staff been persistent since the offer arrived?

"They've been recruiting me pretty hard, with text messages and hand written letters as well. I'm getting most of my text messages from coach Weis and coach Latina," Dan replied.

Comments: Wenger is an outstanding prospect. I didn't see his video until recently and I liked it a quite a bit. Coaches are telling him that he could play either guard or center in college. I think he is genuinely interested in the Irish, but I think there may be teams in front of them at this point. Notre Dame would do well if Wenger was included in their 2006 recruiting class.

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