Walls Sets Fourth Visit

There is another infamous Darrin Walls rumor to get to the bottom of. More importantly within the grand scheme of making a final college decision, Darrin Walls is not shy when it comes to taking game day official visits. The Pittsburgh product has now set his fourth official visit.

The race for Darrin Walls, CB, 6-1, 175-pounds, Pittsburgh, Pa., (Woodland Hills) has been and will be highly competitive until the end. As is generally the case rumors about Walls circulate almost weekly. This time, and you can be sure there will be more, trust me; the rumor is Walls was going to select Pittsburgh. The information I received reportedly came through star recruit Myron Rolle, who ironically enough is not considering Pittsburgh. But anyway…

So of course I had to ask Mr. Walls about the rumor. He chuckled when I asked if Darrin knew Myron, then asked the most important person in the equation if he spoke to Myron.

"Hey Darrin, do you speak to Myron Rolle? No, Darrin replied from across the room."

Mr. Walls then passed the phone to his son.

Have you ever spoken to Myron Rolle before?

"Once," Darrin said. "That was back at the Nike Camp."

Considering the Nike Camp was back in the spring, this is another worthless rumor. Not exactly surprising.

Walls has set his fourth official visit with Pittsburgh, for the Notre Dame game, this upcoming Sep. 3. He had previously set up official visitswith Michigan when the Wolverines host the Irish on Sep. 10. Walls will make his third official visit to Florida for the Tennessee game on Sep. 17. And Walls will make Notre Dame his fourth official visit on Oct. 15 when the Irish host the Southern California Trojans.

SMITTY'S TAKE - First off, let me say for the umpteenth time, I hate Internet recruiting rumors. It is ridiculous how this information even begins to spread. And I will also state once again that I expect Walls to sign with Notre Dame when all is said and done.

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