McCoy is Starting to Think Visits

Notre Dame is one of many programs that are trying to secure an official visit from defensive tackle Gerald McCoy of Southeast high school in Oklahoma City, Okla. Irish Eyes caught up's No 2 rated defensive tackle to get an update on his recruitment.

At 6-5, 285 pounds, Gerald McCoy is a college-ready defensive tackle. Irish fans certainly like that thought with the depth issues the Irish are having along their defensive line. He'd certainly be a welcome addition to the 2006 recruiting class. Is Gerald at the point where he's ready to discuss his top five?

"Open," is how McCoy described his status at this stage of recruiting. "I don't have a certain school that I'm looking at. I'm trying to set up my visits right now, but I haven't done that yet.

"Miami, USC, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech -- Those are the five schools I'm looking at taking officials, but that might change depending on who calls me in September.

"I'm going to give everybody a look" he continued. "Not just a certain team or five teams, everybody. From there I'll narrow it down."

Fans shouldn't interpret that list of schools as the schools that lead for McCoy's services. He will take five official visits, and in addition to those visits he'll schedule a few unofficial visits to schools that are closer to home.

"I'm not going to take an official to LSU. I'm going to take an unofficial there," he explained. "I've been to OU (Oklahoma) a bunch of times. All my trips that are far away, I'm taking officials to, and if I can drive to them, I'm taking an unofficial visit to them."

Most prospects play their games on Friday night so it's generally difficult to schedule in-season visits once you consider how travel can complicate matters. Fortunately for McCoy, Southeast plays three Thursday night games this season, one of which is the week Notre Dame has its arch rival in town.

"I haven't scheduled it yet, but I plan on going to Notre Dame for the USC game (October 15)," Gerald said. "We have three Thursday night games and that's one of them.

"I'm looking at visiting Notre Dame, Miami and USC, but things can change depending on who calls (in September).

His plans for official visits may still be up in the air, but McCoy is ready to get his season rolling. Southeast is ranked No. 8 in class 5A early in the preseason rankings.

"First game, September 2 at 7:30 against U.S. Grant," he said without hesitation. "We have a deal called south-side rivalry and they're part of that rivalry.

Comments: This is a recruiting battle the Irish weren't usually involved in during the last several years as they were generally eliminated by these types of prospect early in the process. McCoy has a handful of favorites, but he is going to listen to everyone who calls during the month of September. After that, he'll buckle down and concentrate on his core group of schools. His visit to Notre Dame the weekend of the USC game is tentative at this point, but I'm fairly confident that he'll make it to South Bend that weekend. Notre Dame has a chance to land this standout defensive tackle, but only if they have a very successful season in 2005. Top Stories