Marsh Hopes to Visit Notre Dame

Lawrence Marsh of Josey high school (Augusta, Ga.) is a player who has been slipping under the recruiting radar for Irish fans, but they might want to take notice. The recruiting evaluation period begins on September 1, and Lawrence is looking at securing a date to visit South Bend for an official visit.

Losing the opening game of the season was a bitter pill for Lawrence Marsh. Although it wasn't an experience the 6-5, 260-pound defensive lineman enjoyed discussing, he did provide some insight into how Josey head coach Barney Chavous planned to use him throughout the 2005 season.

"On offense I was at tackle. On defense, I was playing it all -- defensive end, defensive tackle, nose," Marsh said.

"They were double-teaming me all night when I was at D-tackle. I was holding the middle down mainly," he continued. "When I was at end they kept running away from me. That's generally what happens when I play end.

"When we watch film, whatever the team's strong point is, they put me there to make them go to something different."

Coach Chavous played for the Denver Broncos from 1973-85 and has spent several years coaching in the NFL, so he certainly knows how to use talent. Since he is playing multiple positions along the line, I asked Marsh where he preferred to play, and if he'd transition to a defensive tackle position at the college level.

"Outside, most definitely outside," responded Marsh. "My coach says I'm a defensive end. I think I'm a defensive end. They (Notre Dame) say they want me as a defensive end.

"You're not the only person that has asked me that," he explained. "Some coaches have said I might move to defensive tackle, but I'm trying to play now. I know I won't come in now and play defensive tackle, so right now I'm ready to play defensive end.

"I don't see myself getting to 300 pounds. If I did get to 300 pounds with this speed, I'd be a good defensive tackle. I just don't see myself getting that big. I see myself staying around 255-270."

The Irish already have commitments from defensive end prospects John Ryan and Kallen Wade. If he is intent on playing defensive end for the Irish the competition will be tough, but according to Marsh he believes his experience under coach Chavous has prepared him for his next challenge.

"I'm not sure who they (Notre Dame) have coming in for defensive linemen, but if Notre Dame wants me, I feel, not trying to be cocky, that anyone coming in isn't going to have a chance," he said. "I'm worried about getting there and competing with the guys already there. I'm trying to come in a play as a freshman.

"If I come in with the mental toughness, I should have an advantage over guys that would come in with my class because I have one of the best defensive end coaches," he continued. "Once I get the pads on I'll be ready.

North Carolina(offer), Florida (offer), Georgia(offer), Tennessee, Florida State, Maryland(offer), Clemson(offer), South Carolina(offer), Wake Forest(offer), Purdue(offer), Louisville(offer) and Auburn will likely be contacting Marsh in a few weeks, but for now he's only planning to schedule one official visit.

"My coach wants me to focus on my season," he said "If a team wants to recruit me or offer me they'll come to my games to see me.

"I want to schedule my (Notre Dame) visit for the USC game. We have an open week where we don't have a game so I want to schedule it then. If my coach doesn't think it'll be a distraction then I will schedule it for that open week. Other than that, I'm going to wait until my seasons over with."

Comments: The NCAA guidelines allow coaches to start calling prospects on September 1 and Notre Dame appears to be in very good shape with Marsh as the recruiting activity begins to heat up. I don't think he'll make an early decision, but we'll stay in touch with Lawrence to see if he confirms his plans to visit South Bend. Top Stories