Forbath Delays Decision

Notre Dame high school (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) kicker Kai Forbath expected that he would be able to make decision on his college choice prior to the start of his football season, but his plans were put on hold after visiting Notre Dame at the end of July. What made him delay his decision and what are the next steps of his decision-making process?

When I initially spoke with Kai Forbath prior to his visit to South Bend, he told that he would make a quick trip to check out Notre Dame, see what he needed to see, and then return home and make a decision on where he'd play his college football.

"That's what I was hoping would happen," Forbath explained. "But it really didn't turn out that way. I kind of ended up being more confused than before I went."

What could a little school in northern Indiana possibly offer a kid that has spent his entire life a quick drive from the sunny beaches in California? What impressed him enough to delay his commitment?

"Not one specific thing, but everything," he said "The whole school, the coaching staff, the players and everything was impressive.

"During the visit we were with coach Weis most of the time. He took us around and we had a meeting with him. He was a very nice guy, knows his stuff, very persuasive.

"It's pretty much those two," Forbath answered when asked if he was considering schools other than UCLA and Notre Dame at this time. "USC is there, but that's not what I'm holding out for. That's not why I haven't committed yet.

"I think I'm going to take another visit out to Notre Dame to see a game," he continued. "I talked to them (the Notre Dame coaches) a couple nights ago, we're going to try to work getting to the USC game (October 15).

"Hopefully we can make that happen. I have games every Friday night, so I'll have to take a red-eye flight. It'll be a long weekend but we'll make it work," Forbath added.

"(I'll) then go to some UCLA games and hopefully midway through the season I'll know, maybe before that."

Comments: Before Forbath's unofficial visit to Notre Dame, I believe UCLA had a big lead for his services. It's been nearly four weeks since he returned from South Bend and Notre Dame is still very much on his mind. UCLA's kicker will be in his final year of eligibility and Notre Dame will no have a scholarship kicker on their squad during Kai's freshman year, so both schools offer a very good opportunity for early playing time. It may come down to Forbath's second visit to South Bend in October. If that is the case, I like Notre Dame's chances. Top Stories