Irish Eyes Video: John Latina

Offensive line coach and assistant head coach John Latina spoke with the media on Tuesday to give his thought heading into the Pitt game.

Coach John Latina talks about the offense heading into the Pitt game in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Latina's comments for those that cannot watch the video.

Offensive line coach John Latina Transcript.

On using a four-man rotation for the three positions at center and guard:

We'll have a plan for that, but right now we're still building that plan. You always want to look at their personnel and match up to your personnel. That's an ongoing process as a staff and I'll be doing that the rest of the week with coach Haywood and coach Weis. We'll have a real definitive plan on that, but right now we're just working as many guys in there that are capable of helping us win."

On what Dan Santucci has done to put him into position to start having the least experience:

"All the players have as much experience as anybody. We've all been here a certain amount of time, and experience with us is all that counts. Each one of those kids has had equal days in our system, so we're really equal in terms of experience." On what he's hoping to see from the team on Saturday night:

"Obviously we want to go out and play well. The first game has always been notorious, some teams go out and play well and some don't. You want your team to go out there and play well. You want your team to execute on offense and defense, and you want to do things like it's game three or four, where you're not making penalties, you're not doing things to shoot yourself in the foot. We obviously want to go out and play hard and play physical, but not to do things to hurt themselves in terms of mistakes."

On if he's put his stamp on this offensive line:

"We've got good kids. They're smart kids and I think they're continuously getting better. The big thing for me is I think we're better today that we were two days ago and that's all we look forward to—to try to improve every day. The bottom line is, until you go out and play a game, you really don't know where you are in terms of how well you're playing. The big test is coming Saturday."

On what he expects from Pittsburgh:

"I expect a good football team. They're a team that played in a BCS game with 17 starters back. You've better expect a good football team."

On if they're expecting and wrinkles or surprises from the Pitt defense:

"You try to plan for as much as you possibly can because opening games you just don't know exactly what they're going to do. You may prepare a little more than you normally would on a particular game week You try to cover all your bases, but the bottom line is that you can only do so much. You go out and prepare all week and you have to make adjustments during the game. That's going to be critical."

On changing the attitude of the team this spring and fall:

"We wanted to go in and challenge our players. Obviously to play at a high level at Division I football you have to be very physical, you have to be very tough. You've got to be tough-minded, and you've got to push your players where they want to push themselves. As a new staff, you want to find out as much about your team as you can, so we challenged them quite a bit, and for the most part the kids have responded. And because of that we feel like we're getting better.

On Pitt's front four and if it's hard to game plan against a defensive front that's losing their two interior guys and not knowing what might be their weakness:

"It is, but the bottom line is that you go against good players every day in practice and that's how you get yourself ready. You give your players enough work against your good players, and we've got some good players on defense, and that's what gets you ready. Practicing the speed of the game and physical part of the game—that will be ample enough." Top Stories