Irish Eyes Video: Bob Morton

Bob Morton talks about the upcoming season opener against Pittsburg in this Irish Eyes Video.

Watch Bob Morton in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Morton's comments for those that cannot view the video.

Bob Morton Transcript

On what he feels will show on Saturday during the game:

"I think it will be the attitude that's really gonna show through. This entire off season starting from the winter and building to now, has been about the attitude we're going to have when we take the field and I think that's going to be a big thing that will show through when we get out there and play our kind of football."

On if the attitude shining through is coming from Coach Weis:

"That's us. We've grown older and we've had new teaching, yes. But I think anytime you have an attitude change its gotta come from within. I'm not saying it hasn't been helped by any outside sources, but its definitely something that came from the heart and gut from every person on this team."

On what he feels the most important thing Coach Weis has brought to the table sine his arrival:

"I think just his style of game. The attitude that he takes when he comes into a meeting room and the attitude he has when we're getting ready every single week for a new day of practice has been, for me, an attitude that translates really well for an offensive lineman. "Just shut up and do it." That's been something that's always been tough for me to do – the "do it" has been easy, but the shuttin' up's been hard, so I'm workin' on it."

On whether Coach Weis's track record for success trickles down a bit to a player thinking, "ok this guy knows what he's doing":

"I think now, its not so much the track record of the past, but what he's taught us since he came here. As far as listening to him the first week on the job, when you're trying to shade your eyes from lookin' at those rings, that definitely perks your ears up to what he has to say. I think now we've developed a level of trust in him, and hopefully, he in us. That connection is really what's carrying us now."

On how good the line can be with so much experience:

"We've been together for three years now – we can be three years good. So its just a matter of how close we want to come. I've said it a lot, but this line is as close as any band of brothers I've been around. That's exciting for me and I think its exciting for everybody on the football field. We're as good as we want to be. Its just how bad we want it now.",

On whether Coach Weis's statement, "I don't think they like me, but they know what I want" is an accurate one:

"I think the game of football isn't about being lovey dovey and liking everybody. I know from my experience, my relationship with Dan Stevenson is a great one. I told him this the other day, "You know Dan, I think I may only like you about 50% of the time, and probably 50% of that time is when we're on the football field together." But I also told him that if he was ever in a life or death situation that I'd be there for him and if he was hanging off a cliff I'd do everything in my power to make sure he didn't fall. I think that's the kinda attitude we're getting. We've been playing football around the same people now sine August 7th, lifting running sine the beginning of June, and with Spring Ball, we've been together for a long time, and you do get tired of each other after a while. The respect and the love we have for each other is really going to carry us through. When somebody's hanging off a cliff, like Coach Haywood said a lot, my brother isn't too heavy and I'll make sure I can pick him up."

On how he sees the game at Pittsburgh, with both coaches having been labeled a genius on their side of the football and each returning to their alma mater:

"Its gonna be a fun one to watch. I don't know exactly what I see right now, but I see a lot of explosiveness, I see a whole lot of fun. I see some gold dust flyin' off the helmets and I see some points going on the board."

On what he expects from Pitt:

"I expect to see the same kind of excitement, the same kind of gold dust flyin'. They're a great football team – they're not rated as high as they are for nothing. We have to go out and be prepared for their best game, and they need to be prepared for ours."

On whether Coach Weis getting all the attention made it easier to learn the system:

"We haven't felt the pressure yet. I don't know if its because of Coach Weis, but we haven't started the season yet either. I think that pressure will come on everybody even ten fold from now. We think it's a lot to deal with now, but all these microphones are going to triple and quadruple when it comes game time. Its been nice to really dive in and get a hold of what's wanted of us and what's expected of us. As far as the lack of media attention we had over the summer, it did make it easier to get rolling." Top Stories