Irish Eyes Video: Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris talks about the season-opener against Pitt in this Irish Eyes Video.

Watch Ryan Harris in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Harris' comments for those that cannot view the video.

Ryan Harris Transcript

Ryan Harris on how far he's come as a player since making his first start against Pitt his freshman season:

"Every time you take a snap of the ball you grown and you learn more about the game. I've been fortunate enough to play in a lot of games since then. I can read defenses, pick up on a player's tendencies through film, do the things that I need to do to prepare for a game. Also, in Pittsburgh, I gave up my first sack—learning what not to do there in that case. You always learn from games and every snap."

On if the offense feels they have to carry the load this season:

"I think the offensive linemen want that burden—to kind of spark the team, get things going, make sure we can run the football, (it) opens up the passing game. We want that task and opportunity. We'd love that responsibility."

On if the offense will enter the season with a swagger because they have so many starters returning this season:

"We just want to go out there every play and just go after it. Come off the football and hit, and just play how we should've been playing since we've been here. Just leave everything on the field, and come off every playing firing off the ball and knocking the heck out of somebody." On if he feels any different heading into this game:

"I'm not sure. We're not at the game yet. Preparation-wise I'm doing the same things I've done every other game. We definitely have different focuses as a team as compared to other games, and we're looking at those focuses and getting ready to do the things that we see we need to do to win this football game. Everyone is excited. I'm always excited to play a game."

On how Darius Walker has grown this season:

"Every player grows tremendously, especially with age, but he's done a tremendous job kind pf stepping into a leadership role with the running backs and also working on what he needs to work on as a player individually. He really made that a focus this summer and he's done a good job and he talks to the line now. Last year he didn't really talk to us a whole bunch. He lets us know he loves us and he wants us to pave the way for him. He's come a long way in many different areas."

On if Darius has made some dazzling plays this fall camp:

"Darius is the type of player that is always going to make you rewind the tape and make sure you saw that. We're really excited to see him play. We're really excited to open holes for him and the other running backs." On if he's seen any difference in Weis' attitude or approach as the days get closer:

"He definitely wants us to understand that we need to get ready to play a game, and mental mistakes, physical mistakes are not acceptable at this stage in the game. It's too important. Every practice is important, every play in practice is important. We need to have that mentality and he's definitely preached that into us."

On if the way the team lost last season is motivation for the team:

"I think all of things taken into consideration with what's happened with us, motivation is not going to be a problem for this game. Every player needs different motivation, but as a team, we lost to them last year. They beat us 41-38, it's very fresh in our memory. We saw it as a crucial loss. It was a loss that we needed if we wanted to do the things we wanted bowl game-wise, so motivation is definitely there."

On if Harris knew what Weis was talking about when he came to the offensive linemen and told them he wanted them to play with a defensive-minded mentality:

"I knew what he was talking about. That kind of comes with just being comfortable with the system your in and knowing that if you mess up, you mess up 100 percent—going full speed. For me as a player, I know it meant coming off the ball, going after somebody all play no matter what's going on behind you until you hear the whistle—and maybe a little bit after that if no one is looking." Top Stories