Irish Eyes Video: Tom Zbikowski

Safety Tom Zbikoski says he's thrilled to finally play a game after a tough fall camp. Watch and listen to the Zbikowski's comments in this video clip.

Tom Zbikowski talks about the Pitt game in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also included a transcript of Zbikowski's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Tom Zbikowski transcript

On preparing for a lefty quarterback:

"I don't think it really changes much. You read him as you'd read any other quarterback. I realize his release and ball rotation is a little different, but it's not that big of a difference."

On going from his first start last year at this time to being the leader of the secondary: "I don't think it's been hard because I'm playing with guys that want to win and are highly motivated guys. It makes my job a lot easier, especially since we have a lot to prove."

On how Ndukwe has adjusted to the safety position and the communication they have to have with each other on the field:

"I've always felt real comfortable with him. Our friendship outside of the field and on the field just made us…it's kind of a natural combination, me and him back there."

On having to worry about a player like Pitt tight end Eric Gill as well as the receivers he'll have to face on Saturday:

"It's tough but I go against (Anthony) Fasano and John Carlson every day so it's not that big of a difference."

On his thoughts on Brady Quinn this year:

"I think he's got a lot more confidence this year. If he does make a bad play he shrugs it off a lot easier. With all the weapons he has he doesn't have to feel that much pressure. He knows he has the weapons."

On not knowing what Pitt will do on offense and if that is a concern:

"Coach Lewis went against (Pitt offensive coordinator) Cavanaugh last year and in the past a bunch. We know their personnel. It's a good thing that they've got a lot of guys coming back from last year. We know their personnel and who they're trying to get the ball to."

On if he's ready to play to erase the thoughts on being 6-6 last season:

"Words can't even explain it. That's how much I've been waiting for this."

On if hearing ESPN announcer Lee Corson saying the Irish could start 0-6 bothers the team:

"If you're going to listen to what the media says you've got to listen to the good and the bad. When you say that, ‘we're going to be 0-6,' I've never heard him say that about any team. Obviously it gets a little personal on our part that he thinks we're going to be going 0-6."

On if he thinks about the Pitt game from last year at the five touchdowns the defense surrender through the air:

"A little bit. I think we're more focused. That was in the past. We kind of want to get that out. That did happen. We've got to look for it. I know they're going to have a lot of confidence that they can throw the ball so we've got to be ready." Top Stories