Notre Dame Wants Moore

Midwest City high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) standout, LaRon Moore will start a new chapter in his football career tonight. The former quarterback will be playing his first game at wide receiver and cornerback.

Laron Moore (5-9, 181-pounds) hasn't played a down of football at wide receiver or corner back, but he was recently named the No. 2 high school player in the Oklahoma City area.

"I didn't expect it because I know there are a lot of good athletes in this city. I was kind of surprised they ranked me that high." Moore said. "I knew I'd probably be in the top 10, just not as high as No. 2.

Moore is flattered by the recognition that he is receiving but he understands that his priority is learning his new position.

"They haven't really seen me play this position," he said. "I don't really need to show anyone anything. I just want to get prepared to play in college.

September 1, was the first day recruiters were allowed to call recruits since the end of May, so I asked LaRon if the Irish coaching staff had contacted him.

"I talked to Haywood today as a matter of fact," he replied. "He told me where I stood and that they think I can come in and make a big impact at wide receiver.

"I told him I didn't want to go to a place where I had to sit for a long time. He said that I wouldn't have to sit there, and that they probably wouldn't even red-shirt me. I kind of liked that."

In previous conversations, LaRon said the Irish coaching staff didn't know where they wanted him to play, but they thought they would start him out on the defensive side of the ball at cornerback.

"Now that it's getting closer to the season, people are figuring out what I like and they see me play, they seem to like me at wide receiver," he explained. "They see me with the ball in my hands, and they see that I have quick feet, so now they like me there.

"I set my official visit up for October 15 when they play USC," he added.

Comments: Another big recruit coming to South Bend on October 15. Notre Dame has a very good shot with Moore, but other teams loom. I do think Stanford is a threat. Laron is waiting on offers from LSU and Oklahoma. If those offers come in, they will certainly provide stiff competition for the Irish. Top Stories