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Once again Irish Eyes is offering yet another great free gift for all Notre Dame fans. The good news is this gift keeps giving all year long. Welcome to "Irish Eyes Power Hour," our free internet radio Podcast available to all Irish fans with just a few clicks of your mouse.

We're sure many of you have already heard about our new radio show—"Irish Eyes Power Hour"—featuring Irish Eyes writer Colin Burns, myself and our experts, former Irish starters Sean Milligan and Ryan Roberts.

We have now decided to offer this radio show free to all Irish fans, and we do mean totally free, with our Podcast that we'll be uploading at least once per week.

Every week we'll be breaking down the game from the weekend starting tonight with our thoughts on the Pitt game. We'll also likely have a broadcast on most Thursday's as well.

All you need to do to sign up for these broadcasts is to follow our easy steps below. We're not asking you to sign up for Irish Eyes to receive our Podcasts, we're just trying to do something nice for all Irish fans across the country. We think you'll love the show and we wanted to make it free for all Irish fans to enjoy. All we ask from you is to tell all your friends about our free radio show, and we'll keep pumping them out weekly.

To sign up for our free Podcast you need to enter this website address into your browser: (Note, if you already have Itunes, skip this setup and follow the instructions further down below)

Ipodder Setup

You will be directed to the Ipodder home page. Click on the download button for Microsoft 2000 or XP (If you're on Mac, you're on your own as I don't have a Mac and can't guide you through the set up).

A "Mirror" screen will pop up. Find the location closest to you and on the right hand side you'll see a "download" button—click the download button.

A screen will pop up and then click "save" and save the file to your desktop. (Note: it might not download right away so you might have to click the blue link that also pops up to download).

Once the file has saved, click on the "open" button.

Follow the easy directions and install Ipodder.

At the end of the install, a button will pop up to open Ipodder and open the readme file. I recommend you do both in case you have problems. The readme file is pretty good to troubleshoot any problems you might have.

Ipodder will open up and you'll see a green plus sign (+) that says "add new feed." Click on that button.

Another small window will pop up with a place to enter a web address. Enter in our Podcast address:

And then hit save

Then you'll see a brownish—orangish button that says "catch up…" Click this button.

A download screen pops up and you'll see Irish Eyes Power Hour loading. Once the show has loaded, right click on the show and click on "play episode in media player."

This should play the latest "Irish Eyes Power Hour," and it should also download any future radio shows we upload to our Podcast when they become available.

You won't hear the show live as we reserve that for our customers, but we will load the broadcast into the Podcast server shortly afterwards for all to enjoy.

Itunes Setup

If you already have Itunes, there is a much easier way to get our Podcast.

Open your Itunes and the click on the advanced tab. Then click on "subscribe to podcast."

Then all you need to do is add this web address:

We now have our Pitt Podcast loaded for all to enjoy so get hooked up today.

Hope you enjoy it! Top Stories