McCoy Watching

Recruits often times base their decisions on which teams are hot during their senior year. Gerald McCoy is watching the games like everyone else.

Winning matters. That's why it is so important for Notre Dame to start off well this season. It will only help matters with recruiting.

Gerald McCoy, DT, 6-4, 280 pounds, Oklahoma City, Okla., (Southeast) is not only playing football games this fall, he is watching them as well. College games, that is.

So what did McCoy think of this weekend's contests?

"I watched some games," McCoy admitted. "The Oklahoma game was the biggest surprise."

McCoy flipped the channels watching parts of several games this weekend, but did not have the opportunity to watch Notre Dame.

While McCoy was taken back by the Sooners loss to Texas Christian, coaches are calling him like crazy.

"I knew I was going to get some calls, but man, I got like 20 calls on Saturday!," said McCoy.

So far coach Stoops from Oklahoma is the only head coach McCoy could remember speaking to. That doesn't mean other head coaches have not tried to touch base with the Oklahoma City resident.

"Coach Weis tried to call me, but I wasn't here," McCoy said.

SMITTY'S TAKE - I still think Oklahoma is the team to beat until otherwise proven, but I also think Notre Dame has the best shot to land McCoy outside of Oklahoma from the list of schools still trying to persuade McCoy to leave his home state.

As a side note, McCoy said that his friend George West would be visiting Notre Dame for the Southern California game. Obviously that has been reported before, but it is always nice to have some reassurance.

It looks like McCoy, West and Laron Moore will all be at the Southern California game. Three recruits from the state of Oklahoma taking a serious look at Notre Dame. Nice job by coach Haywood. He recruits Oklahoma for the Irish. Top Stories