Irish Eyes Video: Darius Walker

Running back Darius Walker had an impressive game against Pitt on Saturday. Walker spoke with the media on Tuesday about his progress as a player and the Michigan game this Saturday.

Running back Darius Walker talks to the media in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Walker's comments for those that can't view the video.

Darius Walker Transcript

On if he notices other backs around the country:

"Of course. It's always good to watch other guys and see what other guys are doing. At the same time it makes it a bit of a competition and I think it helps everyone step their game up when they know that other players are doing well."

His impressions of Mike Hart:

"I think he's a good back. He looks like he has a lot of power. I haven't had a chance to watch him too much because as far as Michigan goes, I'm kind of focused on the defense. I understand he's a pretty good player, and the season and statistics he had kind of speak for itself."

Did he watch the Northern Illinois game and how they were able to run on the Michigan defense:

"Yeah, I got a chance to see that, and in a way I guess that's a little encouraging. At the same time we understand that the game is a week to week. Just because one team something against one team doesn't mean you're going to have that same success."

On him being more involved in the passing game this year:

"I think I do enjoy that. It's a part of the game that has really increased for me as far as skill level goes, and being able to catch the ball out of the backfield is something that a running back needs to do. In a way it sort of makes me more versatile, and sort of keeps the defense on edge. I'm not just going to run the ball when I'm out there. I'm going go out in the flats and catch the ball or go down field and catch the ball."

On if he was involved much in the passing game in high school:

"A little bit, but not as much as I guess the system is now. In high school it more of a run, run, run offense."

On how he measures how much he should go east-west versus north-south when running the football:

"I think out there on the field you just have to feel it. It's not really anything that you think about while you're out there running. But I know when the game is over the coaches will let you know if you doing too much east-west instead of north-south. The game is supposed to be played mostly north-south, but sometimes you can get away with a little east and a little west."

On if Weis or any of the coaches try to limit how much he'll freelance when running the football:

"Coach is the type of coach where he just expects so much out of his players. Regardless of how we perform there's always something that we can do better. In a way, there really is. Watching film and breaking down film he can tell me ‘you should've made this cut or you should've blocked this defender or you should've made this move.' I don't think he ever allows any of us to stay steady and stay on the same ground. He always tries to push us to another level:

It's been a year since his first game action. Could he imagine having a better year for him personally on the football field:

"I think this is definitely something I wanted coming into school. I wanted to have the opportunity to be the man, the go-to guy and to be the every-down back. It sort of seems like it's working out for me. I also understand that I have guys like Travis Thomas and Justin Hoskins, who have very good ability and can also play, so it keeps me at that high level with those kind of guys behind me knowing that they want to get out there and do their thing."

On his decision making improving this year from last:

"I think some of that can come from me having a chance to play last year. Coming out there now, things are easier. At the same time the level of coaching I receive from coach Weis and coach Haywood has put me over the top and has really put this team over the top. There putting us in the right situations and in the right spots. When you're in the right spots it's easier to get the job done."

On if he just reacts or if he thinks when he's running the football:

"It's basically a reaction type thing. I remember, back in the day. My high school coaches telling me that football is the type of game that you just have to react. You can't get out there and think, because when you think, that's when things go wrong." Top Stories