Irish Eyes Video: Dan Santucci

Offensive lineman Dan Santucci earned a starting spot for the Pitt game last Saturday and we spoke to Santucci about the Pitt game and Michigan on Tuesday.

Santucci talks about Michigan in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also included a transcript of Santucci's comments for those who can't view the video.

Dan Santucci Transcript

On how it felt to have such a successful day with the O-Line vs. Pitt:

Yeah it was just a great achievement for the whole team. We went out there and people doubted us and we were just excited about what we came out and did. We're past that now and we're looking forward to Michigan so that's all that's on our minds now.

On his thoughts going into the Michigan game:

We know they're a great team and we're going to take it like any other game – go out there, work hard and just see what happens. We're confidant in ourselves and we think we have a great chance.

On whether there is more confidence now than before the Pitt game, having had so much offensive success:

Yeah it feels good to do what we did, but we've got a lot of work to do with technique, our scheme, and nothing was perfect out there and we just go out there every day to practice and work hard to get better.

On if he's got any thought regarding ND's new ranking:

I'm not really worried about that right now. I'm just looking forward to Michigan.

On if it was a relief to finally put everything together successfully at the Pitt game:

It was a great feeling but that's over now. Pittsburgh is by us and we're not talking about that anymore. We're just looking forward to Michigan. We got a great team ahead of us and a huge game coming up. We're just going out there in practice today and working hard at things we need to improve on.

On whether he sees Michigan as a bigger challenge than Pitt:

Yeah – Michigan is always a great team. They've got great players and they compete hard and I think we play similar football. I think its going to be a great game and we're going to do anything we can to be ready to play our hardest and come out with a victory.

On whether he still gets the jitters or if he's settled in now a bit after getting some solid playing time:

I think everybody who's out there has a little nerves and is just anxious to get that first play or first series out of the way. I think that's part of the game. Once I get going I feel very comfortable out there and confidant and I just settle down and think about what I have to do.

On what the game means to the season as a whole and if Coach Weis has changed his approach or intensity this week:

No I don't think he's changed his approach at all. He's obviously said this is a huge game for us. He's very excited and he's ready to work hard this week and improve on things we didn't do so well in the last game. We're just looking at it one game at a time and this game is gonna be a huge game and we're really excited to play it.

On if it was all positive feedback from the coaches or if it was more of an "all business" approach while reviewing the film from Pitt: I think it was all business. They were happy but there are a TON of things we need to improve on. Technique-wise, scheme-wise, just everything. Like I said, Pitt's done now and we're just moving towards Michigan. There are things that everybody individually need to work on, and there are things that we need to work on collectively and that's what we're doing these 3 days of practice preparing for Michigan.

On if its hard to anticipate what Michigan will do defensively since they've changed schemes this year and they've only seen film from the one game they've played:

I think we go against a 4-3 a lot in practice so I think we're going to take out same scheme out there and we're gonna go at it and play hard and be very confidant in what we do. Top Stories