Irish in the Mix for Georgia Star

The Irish coaching staff continues to provide evidence that they will recruit the best players in Southeast. Morrice Richardson of Westlake high school in Atlanta, Ga. is the latest prospect Notre Dame is trying to get to South Bend.

Morrice Richardson (6-2/230) is a name that hasn't been on mentioned very often among Notre Dame recruiting fans, but that doesn't mean that the Irish aren't pursuing him heavily.

"They started recruiting me real early in April," explained Richardson. "Tthey caught my attention right away because of their academics. I know they had drama last year but the staff they have in there now is one of the best around.

"I talked to coach Lewis and coach Weis in May and then coach Lewis came by my school.

"Then they (Notre Dame) offered me some time in the middle of summer," he said "They probably would have offered a lot sooner, but they didn't have a good tape. That was my fault. I had trouble getting a new one recorded for them, but once they got it they offered."

One look at that recruiting tape and you'll see why the coaches liked Morrice. He has nice size and moves very well. He plays defensive end but that might not be where he ends up at the next level.

"They pretty much said I could end up at defensive end or linebacker," Richardson explained when asked the position the Notre Dame coaches were recruiting him to play. "They like my speed, how I move and that I'm always around the ball.

"I play defensive end now, so it would probably take a little time to adjust if I ended up at linebacker, and I'd need to add some strength if I was at defensive end so I guess it doesn't matter to me.

The Irish have had success recruiting Georgia in the past, but getting this star linebacker won't be easy as he his top five is filled with top schools.

"Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida, Notre Dame and Oklahoma," said Richardson when asked if he had a list of top schools. "All of them have offered, and I'm trying to set up visits right now.

"I'll probably take some unofficial visits to schools like Notre Dame, because I want to see what it's like during a game, and then take an official later. I think it just gets too busy to take an official visit during the season.

"Notre Dame and Georgia Tech offer the best combination of academics and football," he added.

The past weekend Morrice was in Athens to watch Georgia play Boise State. Noticing that Georgia wasn't in his top five, I asked him if he were still considering the bulldogs.

"Well, they'd need to offer to be considered," he responded. "Even if I did, I doubt it. I'm pretty solid with the teams I mentioned. They've been with me the all the way, so I'm solid with them."

Comments: Richardson looks like a really good player, and I can see why the Notre Dame coaches like him. He hasn't ever been to Notre Dame, but he seemed excited about having the chance to travel to see the campus. If he makes an unofficial to South Bend during the season, one would have to think the Irish will have a very good chance.

Often with a player from the Southeast, they'll be considering four schools concentrated in the area, for example, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and Clemson. While Morrice is considering some very good schools, they aren't all concentrated in the Southeast. Top Stories