Smith Enjoying Senior Season

While some recruits are stuck with playing for poor or even bad teams during their senior seasons, Toryan Smith has the advantage of playing for a good team. The north Georgia standout is taking it all in, on and off the football field.

Anytime you win by 30 or more points it is natural to be in a good mood. Say hello to Toryan Smith, LB, 6-1, 230 pounds, Rome, Ga.

"Everything is going good right now," Smith said of his senior season. "We're rollin' right now."

Rome dominated its last opponent to the tune of a 30-0 romp. That will make any middle linebacker happy.

The next scheduled official visit for Smith will be to Notre Dame (Oct. 15). Then Smith will sojourn to Michigan (Nov. 19) and Florida (Nov. 26). Smith may also take an unofficial visit to Louisiana State.

"I might visit Louisiana State unofficially," Smith said. "I'm not sure about that visit yet though."

Smith pays attention to the schools that are recruiting him. He also knows when the schools are not keeping close tabs on his progress.

"I like when a coach calls and knows my stats, knows what's going on with me. It kind of turns me off when coaches call and they don't really know what's going on," Smith said bluntly. "Coach Meyer knows my stats, tackles I had, stuff like that. Notre Dame knows what's going on when they call, but some schools don't."

Smith thinks he has an opportunity to play early at several schools.

"Coach Weis told me he wanted me to come in and start…Notre Dame, Florida has outside linebackers, but they told me they need a middle linebacker. I think…I could play at Michigan early; Georgia maybe. I might have to wait a year at Oklahoma," Smith said when asked about early playing time. Top Stories