Walls Talks About Michigan Visit

Darrin Walls now has two of his four scheduled official visits behind him. What did he think of his trip to Ann Arbor? Where do the Irish stand with Pittsburgh standout?

One of the most patient young men in the United States has to be Darrin Walls, CB, 6-1, 175-pounds, Pittsburgh, Pa., (Woodland Hills). His phone is always ringing, especially after he returns from an official visit. I touched base with him right after he returned from Ann Arbor Sunday evening. Nevertheless, Walls was still accommodating and happy to talk as always.

"I would give the Michigan visit an 8.5," Walls said. "It was better than the Pitt visit because I'm from Pittsburgh and there wasn't much knew when I visited there."

Walls was a little bit surprised that Notre Dame took control early in the game, but was not truly surprised by the outcome. He thinks both programs have a bright future.

"I think Notre Dame will be back to being a powerhouse in a few years," Walls said of the Notre Dame football program. "With coach Weis running the offense and coach Minter running the defense they're going to be good."

"I think Michigan will rebound in the Big 10," Walls continued. "I know they lost the game, but that's not going to influence my decision based on one game."

Walls has an official visit set with Florida for this next weekend when the Vols travel to Gainesville, and he also still has an official visit lined up to Notre Dame for the Oct. 15 meeting with Southern California.

The question is which school, if any, will receive Walls last official visit?

"Tennessee and Georgia Tech have been trying to get in on me, but I think if I take my fifth official visit it would be…to either West Virginia or Penn State," he said. "I might go to a Penn State game, but I'm not sure if I want to make that an official visit or not."

While Walls is receiving more than enough attention from reporters and college coaches, opposing high school coaches tend to stay away from him.

"I intercepted one pass during the first half of our game, and they didn't throw the ball in my area again."

Walls had yet to speak to coach Weis or any other coaches since arriving home from Ann Arbor at the time of the interview.

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