Reuland Waiting on Visits

Several recruits will be taking official visits to Notre Dame during the football season. One recruit that is taking a different approach to recruiting is Konrad Reuland. He is concentrating his efforts on his senior football season.

When a football player gives everything he has to his senior football season, nobody can blame him. That is the stance that Konrad Reuland, TE, 6-6, 240 pounds, Mission Viejo, Calif. is taking. Taking official visits can wait.

"No, I haven't set up any official visits yet," Reuland said. "I've pretty much told the out-of-state schools that I won't be taking (official) visits during my season. I'm concentrating on my team."

Reuland is still being heavily recruited by programs from across the country.

The phone has been ringing off the hook," Reuland explained. "I spoke to coach Weis, Bellotti from Oregon, coach Harris from Stanford…"

Coach Weis has apparently made an impact with Reuland.

"Coach Weis sent me a text message on the way home from Pittsburgh. That's cool of him to do that, he said.

"Coach Weis just told me that he's really interested in me," Reuland said of their conversation on the phone. "And that he just really wants me at Notre Dame."

Reuland and Mission Viejo played at Quest Field in Seattle this past Monday against Issaquah High School. Issaquah was 8-2 last season, but it did not matter. Per usual, Mission Viejo rolled.

"We were up 48-0 at halftime," Reuland said. "Coach pulled out the starters halfway through the second quarter. I had one catch for 13 yards and a touchdown." Top Stories