Irish Eyes Video: Matt Shelton

Irish wide receiver Matt Shelton talks about the upcoming home-opener against Michigan State.

Watch Matt Shelton on this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript of Shelton's comments for those that can't view the video clips.

Matt Shelton Transcript

On people doubting the team:

"Yeah, there's a little extra motivation with people doubting us a little bit. Now we've got more motivation because we're coming home."

On if he's glad to have two games on the road against good competition before playing their first home game:

"I'm glad to have any game. We need to have games under our belt. The more experience we get, the better off we are."

On if the timing is good for his return with Rheman McKnight out this week:

"The timing is never good if someone is injured. But I am back to right around 100 percent. This is the best I've felt since being hurt."

On what this team needs to do to play a complete game of solid football:

"Play like we did the first half of Pittsburgh. We showed that we could move the ball up and down the field and we just need to consistently do that. The only way to accomplish that is to keep working hard during the week."

On the buzz with people talking about a National Championship and how they can keep level heads:

"As I said earlier, I think we need to go out there and practice and take it day by day and keeping working on our game plan."

On Weis' comments earlier today about the drill where they practiced celebrating when they score:

"The plan is always to sprint to the ball so he just makes sure everyone sprints to the ball and get in the end-zone and celebrate."

On sitting and watching this offense these past weeks:

"It's been fun to watch. I didn't play too much the first game as you know. I sat there and got to really step back and watch the team, and (there's) tremendous growth that's happened with this team. The veterans have really stepped up; the younger guys are stepping up. It's a completely different attitude on this team."

On if he was closer last week to where he wants to be health-wise:

"Yeah, I definitely felt that I got out there more. It's good to get a couple plays under my belt....get a game under my belt. And really get out there and get the game-speed going. That's something lacked the first couple of times I was out there last week."

On how they can avoid the pressure of trying to do too much with the absence of McKnight:

"I think everyone knows their role on the team, especially the receivers. We know what we can do and what our limits are. We'll just do what we're doing. Everyone knows their role."

On what makes Jeff Samardzija a great receiver:

"I'd say his hands. He's going amazing hands. You see it with the past two touchdowns. He's got great hands and great concentration." Top Stories