Stewart Excited About Irish Visit

Critics have said that there aren't enough top football players coming out of high school each year that are an academic fit for Notre Dame. One guy that fits both requirements is Chris Stewart of Klein high school (Texas).

Chris Stewart is one of the top offensive linemen in the country, and the Irish have made him one of their top recruiting targets. Stewart grew up a fan of the Irish, but he has never been to South Bend. That will change in a couple days.

"My plans are still on," Stewart replied when asked if he was taking his official visit to Notre Dame for the Michigan State football game weekend. "I'm going up there this weekend to check them (Notre Dame) out. My dad is coming so it will be me and my dad.

The Irish will host some of the top football prospects from around the country for the Michigan State game. It will also be the first home game of the Charlie Weis era. There will be plenty of excitement surrounding the weekend, which generally means Notre Dame will get a few prospects to verbally commit.

"I'm still looking at committing in November," Stewart responded when asked when he was planning on making his college decision. "I made a rule that I'm not going to commit after leaving a school, because I know you get all bubbly and excited about everything. That rule has helped me so far."

Stewart has valso isited the other schools he is considering on unofficial visits--Ole Miss, LSU and Texas A&M, has he set up his official visits to those schools at this time?

"I haven't so far," he replied "I just set this one in stone about a week ago. We've had a really good start to our season so that's what I've been concentrating on.

The Irish are of to a quick start to the 2005 football season. Every recruit I've spoken to has been impressed with their play and Stewart is no different.

"(I'm) Big time impressed with them," Stewart said. "What can you say when you have a new coach come in and beat some serious teams. One of the top three teams in the country and the other was a top 25 team. You beat them the first two games of the season away – that's pretty impressive.

"The Pitt game was a doubleheader that night with Texas A&M and Clemson, and down here we're going to get Texas A&M, so what I did is watch the Texas A&M game, but turned on the radio and listened to Notre Dame at the same time," he explained.

"I watched some of the Michigan game. I missed some of it because I was volunteering for the National Honors Society. They had a service project to help out the hurricane victims so I got back and had a chance to watch the third and fourth quarter.

"I was impressed. They held Michigan to three points until late in the fourth quarter.

"I'm not going to say that they are going to have the best season of their lives after only two games, but so far it looks pretty good – it looks real good.

"The test will come if they can sustain it over an entire year with such a hard schedule. I think they can win the majority of their games and be right there for a good bowl," he added.

Comments: Chris is a fantastic kid and he certainly has all the qualities the Irish staff look for in their prospective student athletes. He will be one of many talented players visiting for the Michigan State game. We expect the Irish to get a few verbal commitments this weekend, but I'm not sure Chris will be one of them. Regardless, I think the Irish stand on very solid footing with him. Top Stories