Wade Anxious to Play for ND

While most fans are concentrating on the recruits that have yet to make their college decisions, do not forget about the ones who have already made up their minds. Kallen Wade committed to Notre Dame back in the spring, and he is fired up to play for Notre Dame.

Certain players are more physically prepared for college football coming out of high school than others. Then there are the players that are mentally prepared, too. Place a checkmark next to Kallen Wade's name for enthusiasm. He's ready to strap on the gold helmet right now.

"Believe me, I will be ready to play," Wade said excitedly when asked if he was planning to play his freshman year.

"Coach Weis already told me I'd be playing on third downs my freshman year," Wade commented about coach Weis's expectations of him.

Notre Dame lacks a pure speed rusher in the starting lineup right now. Maybe Wade will be able to help with that department next fall.

"That's what I usually do," Wade answered about using a speed rush technique. "But I'll also use a club and rip move with it."

Wade has yet to set his official visit to Notre Dame, but mentioned that he would likely do so the same weekend that Barry Gallup makes his official visit to Notre Dame. As for a taking in a game at Notre Dame Stadium, that is a work in progress.

"Coach Weis wants me to come up for a home game," he said. "After my season is over I'll make it to one of the games. I don't want it to interfere with my season."

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