Irish Eyes Video: Jeff Samardzija

Irish wide receiver Jeff Samardzija talks to the media about the upcoming game against Washington.

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Jeff Samardzija Transcript

On playing Willingham on Friday.

"I think we have the utmost respect for coach Willingham and the staff he has over at Washington, but I think from looking at what happened last game, we're just concentrating ourselves as a team right now, and what we can do to better improve our team to go out and get a win at Washington."

On if it's overplayed on how a player looks at a situation like this:

"It depends, I'm sure there's different situations, but right now the team is real set on just being Notre Dame football versus Washington football. We're the ones out there on the field playing the games, and I think we understand that. We've got a lot of things to work on—a lot of mistakes to make up from last week." On what sticks out the most about Tyrone from his time here:

"You've just got go into the game knowing that coach (Willingham) is going to have his team ready. I think that's just how it is anywhere you go. Coaches will have their team ready no matter what the situation is. They're going to try to avoid all the distractions, as we're trying to do here, and we're going to go out and play a football game." On what the receivers need to work on after last week's strong performance:

"We've still have a lot of mistakes. I think the receivers as a group had two penalties. I think I had on myself. We've got to cut down on those errors, and I think there were a couple of mental errors on just route running. Those are some small things that we're really trying to hone in on for next week's game."

On if playing on the road is easier than playing at home:

"There's different aspects. I'd say with distractions, it is easier, but playing a hostile environment is never an easy thing to do. Especially when you can pack 60-70,000 fans into a single stadium that aren't liking you too much."

On if the offense still feels good as a unit after their performance last week:

"I think you've got to take some positives out if. You can't look at everything and just say that everything was a big negative. You've got to keep a level head and take the positives with the negatives and I think now it's in the past."

On what he expects from Washington this week:

"We expect them to be aggressive. We expect them to come out and try to make the big plays. It's at their place, and it's another team that's playing Notre Dame. I think everyone kind of always circles that game on their schedule. You know they're going to come out and be aggressive and make big plays, and maybe force us to play out of our game a little bit."

On if he ever thought he'd be such a big part of the offense so far this season with catching five TDs already:

"Yeah, if they're going to throw the ball my way five times in the end zone, you've got to think that you're going to make those five catches. It's just a matter of personnel and being in the right place at the right time, and taking advantage of the opportunities when you get the chance." Top Stories