Irish Eyes Video: Anthony Fasano

Tight end Athony Fasano is having an impressive season while leading the team in receptions. Fasano spoke with the media after Tuesday's practice to talk about his season and the Washington game this weekend.

Tight end Anthony Fasano talks about Washington week in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also included a transcript of Fasano's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Anthony Fasano Transcript

Anthony Fasano on Weis' comments about him being a complete player:

"I think I've made some strides, definitely, in becoming an all-around player in blocking and passing. I still have so much room from improvement. How detailed our coaches critique us, it just shows, and it opened up my eyes to things I didn't know. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm happy."

On how he's developed such soft hands over the year to catch the football:

"I think, growing up, pass-catching is just a natural ability. I think just having good practicing, practicing all the time and having good people around you develops you into a better pass catcher."

On if he's thought about leaving early for the NFL draft after this season:

"Concerning myself, after the season, (thinking about the NFL) isn't benefiting me or my team at all. I'm going to sit down with him and my family and just make the best decision for me."

On if it's been a dream of his to play in the NFL:

"Oh definitely. I think once in high school when you realize you can play at the college level that it becomes a reality to you and that's your ultimate goal."

On what the offense can take away from their comeback last weekend:

"Looking at the film, there was a ton of mistakes. We got ourselves in too deep of a hole. I think a lot of it shows character. The guys on the team have a lot of character. The never quit attitude really came through and that was very encouraging." On where he needs to improve the most to become an all-around player:

"I think its consistency. I think I have the tools to block and block well and run routes and catch with anybody. Just putting it all together every Saturday is what I need to work on."

On if he needs to work on his speed and quickness:

"Definitely, there's always room for improvement with that, especially at my position. It can make you stand out even more." On hoe he can improve his speed and quickness:

"Just off-season stuff. I definitely made some strides this off season. Just drills and techniques in the off season with the strength program."

On what it's like to play in an offense like this. He'll likely get 5-6 passes each game, but won't likely get 10 many games:

"I think for the type of player I am, that's awesome. I think for the rest of the players on our team, it fits us really well. I think that's why no one has a problem with it and everyone is doing well with it. Because we're all unselfish, as long as the job gets done, that's all of our ultimate goals." On if this offense is a good offense for tight ends:

"Definitely. Besides having plays for the tight end and working with tight ends in the offense, I think this offense keeps people off balance and not knowing what's next. I think that's where the tight end comes in where you can stretch the ball down field, and block and catch a screen pass."

On if he thought he'd ever be leading the team in receptions like he is right now:

"It's unfortunate with Rhema (McKnight) going down. I didn't think that it was going to happen, and I don't think it will in the long run. It's whatever I've got to do."

On this week being a fundamental and technique type of week. How was the practice different today? "I think part of why we got into a hole last weekend was because of, we kind of lost our techniques and we're thinking about some things. I think if we go back to fundamentals, maybe we won't put ourselves in a hole and make a couple of physical mistakes that got us in a hole." Top Stories