Irish Eyes Video: Rick Minter

Irish defensive co-ordinator Rick Minter talks about the upcoming highly anticipated game against Tyrone Willingham's Washington team.

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We've also added a transcript of Minter's comments for those that cannot view the video clips.

Rick Minter Transcript

Rick Minter on the Washington offense:

"It's a team that's similar to almost everyone today in college football…you're multi personnel groups and multi formations and multi faceted styles of play. I'm sure they're going through the same things we're going through. In essence we're first-year staff and they're a first-year staff, and they're learning about their personnel. Determining its strengths, determining its weaknesses, its concern areas, its pluses, and beginning to tailor things to perhaps better what those particular groups of players can do, so you see a little bit of change from game to game, but for the most part they believe in trying to establish the running game. They're going to put the ball in the hands of their quarterback, who's an outstanding athlete, they've got a good running back." "I never spent much time watching the offense around here a year ago, but he did hire an outside (offensive) coordinator, I think LaPano, so he's got both Purdue-like ties with that style of play, he's now got 49er ties, so I'm sure what they do is a combination of Tyrone and Tim and Joe Tiller."

On how they're similar to Michigan State:

"They're similar in the sense of multi-personnel groups, similar formations, similar styles of runs and passes, but it's pretty universal when you get right down to it." On facing Washington quarterback Isaiah Stanback:

"This guy is an entirely different athlete than the previous guy. Stanton was a classic drop-back thrower who can run the ball and did run a little bit. This guy is a runner. He can do some things with the football. I think he's a converted wide receiver. He's got legitimate wheels. Anytime you have one of those kind of guys then you concern yourself with proper distribution of rush lanes, duck ups, man versus zone, zone versus man. What do you do when he gets on the loose? Because somewhere along the way he'll get on the loose."
On tackling and technique being important this week:

"Fundamentals and techniques, that's what we've all been emphasizing all week. When you have a game like we had where we broke down in areas, it was about fixing us. We obviously had to look ahead and put a plan in that would give us a chance to be successful, but unless we get better ourselves technique-wise, fundamentally, understanding, confidence, it won't matter until those things get right."

On getting sloppy in technique is a flipside to flying to the football:

"No, no, I don't think that has anything to do that. I don't believe that. Good things happen to teams that run to the ball. We just have to be fundamentally sound. We got exploited in space a little bit athletically as well as fundamentally, so we've tried to address those areas and correct those areas."

On what was different the second half against Michigan State when his defense played pretty well:

"I don't know if you can put a finger on it. We made some minor adjustments at half, the kids just came out playing, the crowd was great in getting behinds out kids. All it takes for momentum, in a ballgame, to get on your side is a play or two. We began to make a play or two, and then all of the sudden you make another play or two, and then before you know it the crowd's behind you and you're kids are into. Football is a game of emotion, and many times, momentum. Momentum got on our sideline the last quarter. Unfortunately we let it get away in overtime. We did everything in our power on both sides of the ball to put ourselves in position to win, we just let it get away."

On if there's similarities in what Washington will try to do compared to what Michigan State tried to do:

"With the athleticism of the quarterback, that makes for areas of concern. We've got tackle well the running backs, we've got to tackle well the wide receivers, but more importantly we've got to tackle well an athletic quarterback, who can make a lot of people miss."

On if having the team in Seattle on Friday is a bonus for ND:

"I don't know if it has any effect on us. We're going on the road. We're fortunate we're undefeated on the road and we're defeated at home. Maybe we're a good road team… that togetherness and that bond, maybe that does help, I don't know. We have to endure the ride, get adjusted to it, and get ready to play on Saturday at high noon."

On if he expects to see backup QB Johny Durocher at all on Saturday.

"I don't know. They had a good outing last week. They played Idaho really well. They made some yards, made some big plays, scored on some big plays. I think they've got be happy in the direction they're headed. It's a new group that's finding their way with coaches and players. If you're only as good as you're last time out, they played a pretty good game and we played a half of a good game, and we've got to make amends." Top Stories