Moore Anxious to Visit Notre Dame

In the recent Oklahoma state football rankings, Midwest City high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) is the No. 2 ranked 6A team in the state. A team doesn't achieve that status if they don't have talented athletes. Notre Dame has found one that it likes in LaRon Moore, and Moore likes Notre Dame as well.

The Irish staff have targeted three top athletes from Oklahoma City, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and athletes George West and LaRon Moore. All of the players are ranked among the state's best high schools prospects and they are all friends. West recently committed to Notre Dame, and if the staff makes any more stops to this football hotbed, they just might fill up their recruiting class.

"I just heard that he committed a couple days ago," Moore said of West's announcement. "I thought it was a good move for him. It's a place where he'll fit in and he'll be able to get on the field.

"I like Notre Dame a lot, so he's (West) kind of making me want to commit, Moore continued. "I recorded the game against Washington, and I've been breaking down what they do. For the first four or five drives, it was basically half run and half pass, so I kind of like the offense.

"It's is a good choice for him. I think it'll be a good choice for me, but right now I think I'll wait it out. I'm going take my visit and go check out the school."

Not many high school players look over their own film, so it is impressive that LaRon was interested in reviewing the tape of Notre Dame's latest victory. While doing so, Moore discovered another way Charlie Weis could use his talents.

"If Darius Walker wasn't a sophomore, I'd like to play running back," he said with a laugh. "He's only a little bigger than me, and I like how they run him. I like a lot of stuff about Notre Dame. I like the offense, I like how the receivers are getting the ball, I like how the running game is, and I like how the corners play, so I like a lot of stuff."

"Aggressive, very aggressive," Moore said about Notre Dame's cornerbacks. "They're covering people all over the place."

While the Irish cornerbacks had a pretty strong performance against the Huskies, the fact that the Washington offense was able to move the ball against the Notre Dame defense didn't concern Moore in the least.

"They (Washington) have a mobile quarterback, and any mobile quarterback on any team is a threat." he explained. "He was moving out of the pocket to buy himself some time. It's pretty hard to completely shut down a mobile quarterback."

The Oklahoma trio of Moore, McCoy and West will be among the talented prospects that will be in town on official visits for the USC game October 15. While Laron isn't ready to make a decision, he has two schools have pulled out in front of the others.

"They're (Notre Dame) at the top without a shadow of a doubt," Moore said. "If I had a No.1, they're probably close to No. 1 right now. If anyone is at No. 1, it's probably between Notre Dame and LSU.

"LSU was trying to get me to come down on a visit this weekend when they played Tennessee, but I didn't want to make the trip, so they're trying to schedule the official visit later on in the year.

"I like Notre Dame a lot, which is why I'm going down there to see it," he said. "I like everything that's going on with them."

Comments: Notre Dame's 3-1 start has already impressed a number of top prospects. Most of the prospects that I have spoken to are impressed with what Notre Dame has done thus far. Weis' has brought an offense that appeals to top prospects. Top Stories