Yeatman Narrowing Down His List

Will Yeatman is going through the recruiting process with a purpose. He will not make a rash decision. Yeatman will be taking his second official visit this weekend to Big XII country. When will Yeatman make his decision?

It is hard to believe, but it appears that Will Yeatman, TE, 6-6, 255 pounds, Poway, Calif., (Rancho Bernardo) will be taking all of his official visits outside the state of California. That is rare for a California recruit. Yeatman has already taken an official visit to Notre Dame (Sep. 17), and will be headed to Los Angeles to catch a flight very early Saturday morning for his second official visit.

"I'm going out to Nebraska on Saturday morning," Yeatman said. "It's a 6 AM flight. It's only about an hour to the airport. It's not too bad."

"Nebraska has been recruiting me pretty hard," he continued. "They don't have lacrosse, but we'll see how it goes."

Yeatman's official visit to Nebraska replaces his official visit to Duke. The Blue Devils are no longer under consideration. There are still a handful of schools that are under consideration in addition to the Huskers and Irish.

"I'm looking at taking one to Maryland," Yeatman said of his official visit plans. "I'm still looking at North Carolina. Ohio State…they've been coming on. I might take an official visit there."

The NCAA has many quirks within its rules. Some are hard to explain, but Yeatman's recruitment truly is strange due to him wanting to play both lacrosse and football. More specifically, his recruitment is strange with regards to Notre Dame.

"The Duke coaches told me that if I sign with Notre Dame to not sign early," Yeatman began to explain. "They had a player sign with the lacrosse team early and then he couldn't play football for two years. He was pretty upset about it. If I sign with Notre Dame, I have to sign during the April Signing Period (for lacrosse). If I don't I'll have to sit out two years of football."

Wait, there's more. The Notre Dame football coaches have to be careful how they communicate with Yeatman.

"The NCAA doesn't allow a school to recruit you for two sports. If (the) Notre Dame (football coaches) wants to talk with me, they send me a text message telling me to call them. They can't call me," Yeatman said.

Even with all of the unusual circumstances involving Yeatman's recruitment the Irish appear to be in good shape.

"It went very well," Yeatman said of his official visit to Notre Dame. "I liked the environment, even though they lost, the students, the crowd…"

"I was a little disappointed I didn't get to spend more time with the football coaches, but I did get to sit down and speak with coach Weis and coach Polian. He's the coach that's recruiting me. Coach Weis explained to me this is how they had to do it. I totally understand where he's coming from."

Do the Irish lead for Yeatman's services?

"Yeah, that would be safe to say," Yeatman admitted.

Yeatman has no set date for a decision, but he is drawing closer to making that decision.

"Probably sometime around November," he said of his decision time frame. Top Stories