Irish Eyes Video: Dan Stevenson

Dan Stevenson talks to the media about the upcoming game against Purdue.

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We've also added a transcript of Stevenson's comments for those that cannot view the video.

Dan Stevenson Transcript

Dan Stevenson n how this rivalry is somewhat unique to some of the other rivalries the Irish play:

"It's an in-state rivalry. You always like the title ‘Backdoor Brawl." It's just been a great rivalry that the more I'm part of it, the more you understand it. When I first got here I probably didn't consider it one big rivalries, but this is definitely a big game." On if it's something you grow to appreciate the more times you play Purdue:

"Yeah definitely. They're a great team and they've got a great team this year. It's definitely a team you have to bring you're A game to."

On what he remembers about the last time he played at Purdue:

"I think it was three off-sides penalties in a row. That was not a fun experience."

On if his performance last time he went to Purdue factors into his motivation for this game:

"I've definitely thought of that. Thankfully I'm not playing tackle anymore. I'm not 320 pounds, and I'm not going against Sean Phillips, so that makes things a little bit easier. I've definitely thought about that."

On his thoughts on Purdue's front four defensive linemen:

"They're talented. They're a great group. We went against them last year. They're all back. They really do have a lot of talent. We had a tough time with them last year, so we really have to make sure we're on top of it."

On developing that aggressive attitude that coach Weis is trying to get the offensive line to adopt:

"It's just a mindset…the desire to want to play like that. Not let yourself feel sorry for yourself because you're tired or banged up. Wanting to go out there and play. We don't get all the glory, so it's having that desire to kind of spring the offense. It all starts up front. It's definitely something we need to work on."

On how Purdue thinks this game is the rival game and ND having a lot of rivals and if it's tough to get mentally ready for so many big games on the schedule:

"That's why you come to Notre Dame. You come here to have that bulls eye on your chest. You come here to come to play the best team week in and week out, and always get everyone's best A game because that's what's going to make you a better player, make you a better team. It's something to be a part of. This school is a special place. That's why every kid dreams of coming here."

His thoughts on Ray Edwards being as good as Sean Phillips:

"They're whole D-line is excellent, and Ray Edwards is a great player. I know we had a lot of trouble with him last year. We're going to have make sure, Mark (LeVoir) in particular because that's where he's lined up, is ready to play." On what's been the key to the success of the offense this season:

"I think the mindset that coach Weis has instilled in us. We're all on the same page. I think the big thing is confidence. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves. It's something we've got to keep building on. We haven't played a complete game. Going into Purdue, it's something that we're really focusing on."

On Brady Quinn this year versus last year:

"I think Brady's definitely upped his game a lot this year. I think anyone who watches sees it. He's become a pretty dynamic player. He's got a lot of tools and talents that I think he's really refined. He's learned the system a lot better and he's definitely a different player." Top Stories