Irish Eyes Video: John Sullivan

Offensive center John Sullivan talks about the Purdue rivalry and the game on Saturday.

John Sullivan talks about Purdue in this Irish Eyes Video

We've also added a transcript for those that can't view the video clips.

John Sullivan Transcript

John Sullivan on the good physical shape the Irish offensive line:

"Coach Mendoza had us in the shape you needed to be going into the season, but really in order to get into great football shape, you have to play football. Camp, plus his training, accomplished that for us."

On Weis' comments about instead of adjusting Brady Quinn's stance, he made Sullivan adjust his:

"I have pretty short legs and Brady has pretty long legs. If you watched last year's tape, you'd notice he was down pretty far in a crouched stance. That was fixed with me moving my butt up a little bit. It's much more comfortable for him and it hasn't been a hard adjustment for me at all. That's really has made the difference. I'm just glad I can help him out."

On if it's all about the quarterback being comfortable and nobody cares about the center:

"Of course."

On the possibility of Morton not being able to play this week and if that will affect the freshness the rotation has had rotating in and out:

"I'm not sure what the situation is with Bob (Morton). That's between Bob and the coaches. If we're called up, the people in there are called upon to go the entire game, I'm sure they'll be no problem."

On what he feels is the reason the offense is more efficient this season:

"Obviously coach Weis is a great offensive mind and we have great coaches. I think one of the main differences is we're just older. The experience, another year, makes an enormous difference. We have everyone coming back. We have older guys, guys who've played together longer, it makes a huge difference."

On the 3-1 start so far:

"It's a great feeling. I know our team has confidence, but at the same time we always talk about staying on an even keel and not staying too high or getting too low. We're trying to bring ourselves back down and getting into the work-mode mentality and just get ready for Purdue."

On his thoughts on the Purdue D-line:

"After playing against them last year, Purdue has got a great defensive line. We've got a lot of respect for them. We're going to go out there and try to play our game. That's what we do every week. It doesn't matter who we're playing against. Purdue is a formable challenge and we have the utmost respect for them."

On the biggest challenges the line will face on Saturday:

"Probably just the one-on-one battles. They have a lot of great players along the defensive line. We're going to just out there and try and handle that."

On both ND and Purdue having the same personnel as last season and what has changed that will make the result of this game different from last season's game:

"Another year under our belt. Myself and (Dan Santucci) didn't have a lot of playing time last year. Different coaches….it's another year….we're just a different team."

On the Purdue rivalry and if he understood that it was a big rivalry when he first arrived at Notre Dame:

"I'm not from the State of Indiana. I think the people that from Indiana realize that a lot better because there are a lot of Purdue fans and Notre Dame fans within the state. But once you get outside the state of Purdue fans as there are Notre Dame fans. I didn't really have that concept when I got here, but after playing in the game last year and being here the year before, it's a pretty heated rivalry and it's a big game for us."

On when he realized it's a pretty big game:

"When you go out on the field in West Lafayette, that crowd is intense. You can tell there's a hatred for you, and you're back's in a corner and all you can do is fight your way out. That's when I first realized." Top Stories