Wenger Schedules Two Visits

St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) offensive line prospect Dan Wenger is in no hurry to make a college decision, but he has decided on two of his official visits.

The last time I spoke with Dan Wenger (6-4, 285-pounder) he was waiting for the flood of recruiting calls to hit on September 1. At that time Dan indicated that he wasn't in a rush to set any official visits, and that he'd likely wait to the end of September to pare down his schools and to begin to schedule his campus trips. That was his plan, but it's seems his plans have been changed.

"I'm going to Purdue this weekend," Wenger said about his intention to take his first official visit. "They came down in the spring and watched me practice. They were recruiting me pretty hard all through the summer.

"Ever since coach Tiller has been there he's been winning, which is a good sign. They have a great program and the education is great there, too.

Dan is extremely interested in Purdue, otherwise he would not be making the trip to West Lafayette, yet at they same time it is a very good opportunity for Charlie Weis to make a strong impression on the standout center prospect. Will the Irish staff have a chance to impress Wenger on their own turf in South Bend?

"Yeah, I actually am," he responded when ask if he planned on visiting Notre Dame. "I'm kind of in the process of setting something up for November 5, the game against Tennessee.

"I definitely can't wait to get up there and check things out, get a feel for the atmosphere and meet the coaching staff, to be around them get a taste of the tradition up there."

Besides the Notre Dame and Purdue, Duke, Penn State, Oklahoma, LSU, Florida, and Pittsburgh have moved ahead of the pack for Dan services. Has he decided which three schools will get his remaining visits?

"No I haven't, that's still up in the air, I think it's still early to decide, but Notre Dame and Purdue have been recruiting me hard and I'm interested in what they have to offer, so they'll be there to the end," Wenger said.

With the Irish off to a strong start, they have been making a strong impression with recruits. Dan told me his impression of the new-look Irish.

"I kind of thought that they'd have a rough start because of the new system, but they have really proven themselves to me, and to a lot of teams out there that coach Weis is a great coach," Wenger stated. "Everything he does and his staff is impressive and they obviously beat Michigan and that's pretty big. I don't think a lot of people thought they were going to beat them. It's things like that, that really gets someone like me and other recruits to realize that he's the real deal and that he can really coach and that he's looking out for the best interest of the players."

Comments: Notre Dame has obviously caught Dan's eye, but I believe he likes several schools a lot. I really like that Notre Dame will have two opportunities to make an impression on Dan, they may need it. The Irish have been very good on the road early this season, and if they take care of business this Saturday against Purdue, it will improve their chances with Wenger.

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